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Top Vinyl and Record Shops in Oakland, CA

Vinyl records - introduced in the 1940s - have made an unexpected comeback in the digital age. This curious trend is driven by many factors: better sound quality compared to phone-based streaming apps, an appreciation for the experience of handling vinyl and admiring large-sized album artwork, and…

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Six Sweet Chocolate & Candy Shops Found Only in Oakland

Great chocolate is easy to find in Oakland! The Town is rich with chocolatiers creating some of the most decadent chocolate around. From jewel like truffles to vegan bars – these only-in-Oakland treats will make your valentine’s heart melt and their mouth water. Visit Oakland, visit one of these…

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Top Plant Shops in Oakland

Plants are an important part of your household. They provide the opportunity to reconnect or even begin to cultivate a relationship with nature. There is something to be said for the act of nurturing and caring for plants that has created a "plant therapy" renaissance as a way to practice self-care…

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Great Holiday Markets in Oakland, CA

As the air turns crisp and the holiday spirit fills Oakland, we'll be your guide to the local gems that offer a unique shopping experience. From handmade crafts to delectable treats, these holiday markets are a treasure trove of homemade goods that will delight even the most discerning shopper. So…

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The Town Talks Shop

Visit Oakland asked community leaders and partners in The Town to share their holiday gift recommendations. Since we always Think Oakland First – this wonderful group was more than happy to offer suggestions to support The Town’s entrepreneurial spirit and celebrate our Oakland businesses. Their…

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Vintage Treasure Hunt Through Oakland

Oakland is certainly not a one-note town - its diversity and multicultural tapestry are legendary, and the creativity that flows from that influences everything in the city, including the vintage clothing stores. And those aren’t one note either. Almost all feature additional temptations including…

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A Glimpse at Oakland's LGBTQ Owned Business Scene

According to the Census, Oakland along with San Francisco make up the most queer metropolitan area in America, so it’s no surprise that Oakland’s diverse and creative population includes many LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. From nightlife to dining to shopping, many of Oakland’s unique businesses are owned by…

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Made in Oakland, California

Oaklanders are a crafty bunch who are working diligently to bring manufacturing back to their home town. And they are succeeding. Check out these made-in-town pieces to get a taste of Oaklands manufacturer spirit! Clothing McMullen Founded in 2007 by Sherri McMullen in Oakland, McMullen is an all…

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McMullen Boutique Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Sherri McMullen is both a force and an activist in fashion. Since 2007, her namesake Oakland store, McMullen, has become a go-to destination for anyone interested in a curated mix of established luxury designers and space to shop emerging black and brown designers. Photo courtesy of Carolyn Fong…

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