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Oakland Urban Wine Trail

A trip to Oakland isn’t complete without tasting a little local flavor. Like everything else in Oakland, our wine scene is a little different. Oakland’s urban wineries are housed in renovated warehouse spaces, but the wine quality is second to none. Being so close to California wine country doesn’t hurt either, grapes are sourced from all over the state.

How to experience Oakland's Urban Wine Trail during COVID

You can still explore our Oakland Urban Wine Trail during COVID! Our urban wineries have policies and procedures in place to ensure your safety as you order that second flight. While you can purchase wine and take it home to enjoy, some of our wineries offer outdoor seating as well (when permitted). However you choose to enjoy the Urban Wine Trail, we recommend calling ahead to get the latest details from each business. 

While you're out exploring Oakland’s Urban Wine Trail, some detours along the way to shopeat, and explore all that Oakland has to offer.

Looking for locally produced drink options other than wine? Head over to our Oakland Ale Trail to learn about the many breweries and other craft beer destinations in Oakland.

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