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Oakland Ale Trail

Oakland’s brewers are rooted in the spirit of the city’s earliest manufacturers, but this new breed of makers is developing flavor and style combinations that are making them stand out in the increasingly crowded world of American craft beer. The Oakland Ale Trail, developed by Visit Oakland in collaboration with a variety of partners from Oakland’s craft beer industry, celebrates the strength of the Oakland’s craft beer community. 

How to experience the Oakland Ale Trail during COVID

You can definitely still explore the Oakland Ale Trail during COVID! Our breweries have policies and procedures in place to ensure your safety and enjoyment as you sip and sample those brews. Many breweries offer great outdoor seating options that include parklets, heating lamps, and QR-code menus for contactless ordering. If you prefer to sip-from-home, our breweries also offer online ordering and pick-up as well. 

However you choose to enjoy the Oakland Ale Trail, we recommend calling ahead to get the latest details from each business. 

Grab your passport and go! Visit all of Oakland's brewery taprooms and earn a free Oakland Ale Trail branded growler!

More of a wine drinker? Not a problem. Just head over to our Oakland Urban Wine Trail page to learn about ways to explore our wineries.

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Oakland Breweries

Transportation & Tours

It's important to stay safe while you are exploring the Oakland Ale Trail. There are currently several options for getting around Oakland as you explore the trail. While we encourage everyone to visit all of the stops on the trail, please do so responsibly and consider using one of these transportation providers between breweries.

  • BART
    Bay Area Rapid Transit, is a rapid transit public transportation system serving the San...