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In true Oakland fashion, shopping in The Town is always original. Ambitious entrepreneurs are creating pop-up shopping neighborhoods and artisan alleys full of locally made products. Looking for something a little more classic? Rockridge and Piedmont Avenue are home to some of the best vintage digs in the area. Along Temescal Alley, Bohemian boutiques ranging from horticulture havens to Southwestern jewelry designers are creating a national buzz. Oakland even has a few national retailers in the mix to round things out.


Let's Go (Out In) Oakland!

Are you in The Town to cheer for our teams? Just steps off the Oakland BART stations you can grab a bite with the family, or pre-game with your fellow fans. Wanna keep the good times going afterward? There are also perfect ways to close out the night right in the home of the teams you love. Around

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Top Things to Do in Rockridge

Rockridge is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Oakland. College Ave. is booming with restaurants, boutique shopping and the best spa treatment in Oakland. Its a neighborhood you won't want to miss or leave. Food Wood Tavern 6317 College Ave Wood Tavern accurately describes itself as contemporary and rustic,

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5 Oakland Stores to Hit For Plaid Friday

Holiday shopping; its a war out there. Not literally of course but those Black Friday lines, the over aggressive shopper fighting you for the Tickle Me Elmo (or whatever the kids are playing with these days), the retail staff filled with anything but cheer, who needs it? Not Oakland, as evidenced by the 6 th annual

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Made in Oakland

Oaklanders are a crafty bunch who are working diligently to bring manufacturing back to their home town. And they are succeeding. Groups like the 25th Street Art Collective , Oakland Makers , and Oakland Grown are acting as forums and incubators for creators. Check out these made-in-town pieces to get a taste of Oaklands

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