Oakland is an amazing place to soak up great summer vibes. With a variety of events and activities happening throughout The Town  – there is something for everyone to enjoy. By day or by night, whether you’re looking to plan the perfect date, get together with friends or enjoy lots of family fun - Oakland is the place to be!

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Oakland celebrates its diverse community, artistic vibe, beautiful scenery, locally owned shops, multi-cultural cuisine and civic pride. Our welcoming spirit is felt by all who visit Oakland. 

Visitors coming to Oakland should use the same caution as when traveling to any metropolitan destination. Like many cities nationwide, Oakland has experienced an increase in property crime and theft in the past year. The city’s leaders are exploring and implementing solutions on an ongoing basis that are consistent with the community’s need for equity, respect, transparency and accountability.

Ensuring the safety of our visitors and community has always been, and remains a top priority for Visit Oakland.

Oakland Neighborhoods

Oakland’s unique neighborhoods are at the heart of Oakland fondly known as The Town. Our neighborhoods are open for business and ready to welcome visitors. People are returning to their places of business and foot traffic and activities are on the rise.

Throughout the year, Oaklanders come together at various citywide events, including The Black Joy Parade, Art & Soul Festival, PrideFest, Oakland Style, and the Dia de los Muertos Festival - which are all welcoming to visitors and residents alike. We advise everyone to plan ahead and check our events calendar for details.

Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our visitors, residents, business owners, and those who work in our beautiful city. We ask visitors to use the same personal safety precautions and to stay vigilant just as they would at home or in any urban destination.

Visit Oakland continues to work with major stakeholders to ensure visitors have a safe and wonderful experience. Oakland is known for its diversity and friendly people, for its natural beauty and attractions.

We encourage visitors to remain aware as they enjoy all that Oakland has to offer including its nationally acclaimed restaurants to its breathtaking hikes in the Redwoods and its vibrant music and arts scene.

Safety Tips for Visitors

  • Travel in groups when possible, and choose well lit busy streets if walking alone at night. If assistance is needed, contact our Oakland Community Ambassadors
  • Be aware of your surroundings and other people. Keep your head up, your eyes and ears open, and your phone down in public
  • Do not leave your purse, backpack or briefcase unattended, especially not on the back of your chair
  • Carry your personal items in front of you and closer to your body. Try not to carry more than you can handle
  • Trust your instincts. If someone or something seems suspicious, leave immediately and find a nearby safer location with access to people who can help like an open business, an ambassador, parking lot attendant, etc.
  • When driving, parking in a secure garage is recommended. In downtown, we suggest taking advantage of the newly launched “Five After Five” Program with discounted parking at the Franklin Plaza Parking Garage
  • When parking your vehicle, remove all luggage and valuables - especially electronics . Do not leave any objects, including empty bags, in view



In an emergency, call 911.

An emergency exists when there is a life-threatening police matter, a medical emergency or fire, or a person who has fallen and is unable to get up. 911 will get you police, fire and medical services.