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If Brooklyn is the arts hub of the East Coast, Oakland is most definitely the arts mecca of the West. Movers and shakers are constantly pushing the boundaries, leading the way for innovation and creativity. From industrial arts to world-class museums, there’s no shortage of creative expression here. Art is a part of Oakland’s soul, and it shows. Whether you’re looking for a hands-on experience or enjoying touring, you’ll definitely leave Oakland inspired.

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Oakland Dreamers

Dreaming Big and Oakland go together like fried chicken and ironing boards , which is a big compliment around these parts.Amelia Rudolph, BANDALOOP Founder & Artistic Director brought her dreamer mentality to California after college and has never looked back, or down apparently. BANDALOOP, headquartered in Oakland, is

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Top Things to Do in West Oakland

Known for its strong culture and pride, West Oakland is filled with favorite local art studios and restaurants. Oakland is known for being a hot spot for creativity and a booming restaurant scene. West Oakland is definitely a testament to that with Tanya Hollands restaurants and unique industrial arts productions

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Oakland Newbie Bucket List

We have to be honest off the bat, we saw that the Bold Italic did something like this for San Francisco and we felt Oakland needed to be represented too. With such an influx of travelers and new residents, we want to help out and let them know where to start in The Town. Eat Out Anywhere You may have heard about

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Top 10 Oakland Attractions

Coming to Oakland soon and wondering what to do? Laser shows, fairylands, urban lakes, we've got you covered in Oakland. Here are our picks for the top 10 attractions in Oakland! Oakland Museum of California Arts + History + Natural Sciences = 1 kick-ass museum. The OMCA is deeply rooted in the Oakland community

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Oaklands Best Theaters

Yes, they mostly glitter at night, whether from the gleaming terracotta Art Deco tiles or neon marquees. These still operational, gorgeous theaters are thriving hubs of Oakland entertainment. Do you think the cineplexes of the 1970s and 80s will ever be on the National Register and loved as deeply as we love these

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DIY Oakland

The oxyacetylene torch is always fired up in Oakland, the heart of DIY culture. The maker community is super strong; and, there may very well be an abnormal amount of sewing machines, and mechanical pieces waiting to be fixed, assembled and retrofitted. Add onto that a serious urban farming culture where homesteaders

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