Oakland is an amazing place to soak up great summer vibes. With a variety of events and activities happening throughout The Town  – there is something for everyone to enjoy. By day or by night, whether you’re looking to plan the perfect date, get together with friends or enjoy lots of family fun - Oakland is the place to be!

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Christa Mekki - Meeting Planner

Christa Mekki

CEO/Senior Planner at Magnetic Magnificent Events

“What makes Oakland especially great for smaller meetings is the fact that there’s so many hotels to choose from in all the different areas of Oakland… you’ve got close to the airport, you’ve got downtown, you’ve got the waterfront, really key places. but small meetings are perfect [in Oakland] because of the independent hotels that you can deal with and the ease of contracting with them."

Boback Vakili, Creative Director of GENESIS

Boback Vakili

Creative Director of GENESIS

“GENESIS is a very community driven event. Oakland understands the sense of community and how important it is and that’s why we come back year after year to Oakland.”

Robyn Fischer planner

Robyn Fischer

Founder & Director of Choose College Education Foundation

“We bring people to Oakland because we believe in the passion of the people of Oakland, the rich cultural diversity, [and] the historical traditions that Oakland has… where grassroots was founded, and how we intended to ensure that the folks that we bring get the experience Oakland in its most authentic ways."

More testimonials

"Oakland - the hidden gem" - Carolyn Gailes, NJA Meetings and Events LLC

"A city on the bay that's full of surprises - beautiful hotels, stunning views, great restaurants and unique activities" - Maureen Goldman, ConferenceDirect

"New Oakland is a hip cool spot to host your next meeting. Everything you think you know about Oakland... toss it out the window! Your attendees will be pleasantly surprised" - Maleka Watson, tops Ortho

"Oakland is unexpected and just a whole different side to the Bay Area (literally and figuratively).  It's very walkable, especially the Rockridge neighborhood.  I never questioned my safety while staying at the Claremont property and going for a three mile run in the early morning.  The meeting space is varied and they have great property options available.  And every local person you meet just has a love and a pride for their city - there's an attachment to Oakland that should be shared.  It is not the Oakland of 10 years ago - its up and coming, its lively, and its a great option for group meetings." - Lindsey Thuell, ConferenceDirect

"Oakland is a diamond in the rough.  It has a lot to offer and will have even more to offer in the coming years." - Christopher Kirbabas, Society of Architectural Historians

"I was pleasantly surprised with Oakland.  This city has a big heart and a community that works together.  There are several hotel options, great food and activities in the city." - Jen Cease, ConferenceDirect

"It is the other city by the bay. It is less expensive than San Francisco, good air lift, fun off site activities and interesting neighborhoods." - Gayle Rapoport, ConferenceDirect

"I did not come to Oakland with much of an expectation as I enjoy being surprised - but boy was I blown away! I loved the neighborhoods that provided an insight to the area's art and culture. The amount of effort that is being put into the area by the heart of the locals is warming and welcoming. I can't wait to see what comes of this city within the next months!" - Lauren Kutch, RENT-A-RESORT

"Oakland has a great history and story that has been hidden for far too long! They are busting out of their stereotype and showing off their amazing cultures and diversity! Awesome food, fun neighborhoods, beautiful views and so much more than meets the eye. There are plenty of options available depending on meeting needs and size. It is growing and expanding to fulfill the events and meeting needs." - Cristina Lowenfeld, Smithers

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