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Home to some of the best restaurants, perfect weather, and an abundance of arts and culture, there are endless options on how to spend a weekend in Oakland. If a weekend is all you have, this itinerary will no doubt pique your excitement to book another trip back here, stat. 

When California’s laid-back and welcoming culture is met with a fierce passion for preserving social justice– you get Oakland: a city consistently ranked as one of America’s “gayest cities”. Oakland’s unapologetic attitude is far from a recent ideology, as the city has been an epicenter for justice during a number of

Whether you’re visiting Oakland for the weekend or you’ve lived here your entire life, these brunch spots are a must-eat. We know that brunch is the most important meal of the day, especially on the weekends, so we chose the top nine spots that you have to try. Disclaimer: these aren’t the only brunch spots we are

This East Oakland neighborhood was once called 'Brays' and 'Fruit Vale' thanks to the cherry and apricot orchards which could be found in the neighborhood before what we now know as Fruitvale became incorporated in 1909.

Now, 110 years later, you can still find an abundance of fruits and vegetables, thanks to the

Fall doesn’t have to mean staying inside, and we have all the events you could want to attend. Whether your thing is arts and culture, sports, or music, Oakland has an event for you. Check out all of the family-friendly and sometimes even free activities that will help keep you and your family out of the house. Here is our list of just some of the best fall activities and fall festivals in Oakland. Don’t forget to add your favorite events in the comments below.

Oakland Chinatown (屋崙華埠) is one of the oldest Chinatowns in the United States. In the 1850s, the Chinese were the first Asian groups who traveled to California to help build the Central Pacific Railroad. Many of Chinese migrants first settled near the Oakland Estuary at 1st Street and Castro, after previous several