Oakland is an amazing place to soak up great summer vibes. With a variety of events and activities happening throughout The Town  – there is something for everyone to enjoy. By day or by night, whether you’re looking to plan the perfect date, get together with friends or enjoy lots of family fun - Oakland is the place to be!

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The Ultimate Guide for Oakland Restaurants with Outdoor Space

Known for its vibrant cultural scene and gorgeous sunny summer days, Oakland is the perfect destination for a meal out on a beautiful patio. This list will help you discover some of the best restaurants in The Town that have outdoor seating that is ideal for a sunny day with a loved one. Brenda’s…

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Best Places to Get Ice Cream in Oakland, CA

From the undeniable classics, to exciting unconventional flavors, Oakland has got your perfect scoop! Indulge in your favorite churned, vegan, rolled, and liquid nitrogen frozen scoops at these unique ice creameries in The Town. Check them out below! Ben & Jerry’s Known for their decadent ice…

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Where to Hike in Oakland, CA

Often when we tell people that we’re hiking fairytale forests in Oakland, there's a collective eye-rolling. Oakland, they think, is so urban . Yet, 20 minutes from downtown, up in the Oakland Hills, groves of gigantic redwoods, oaks and eucalyptuses grow. Get outside, find some peace, and check out…

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Oakland Art Guide: 10 Galleries You Can't Miss

Welcome to the vibrant art scene of Oakland, where creativity knows no bounds and inspiration is found at every turn. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through 10 galleries that showcase the diverse and captivating artworks of talented artists. Join us as we explore the artistic gems that…

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Events to Attend in Oakland this Summer

Oakland offers great live music, events, eats and outdoorsy fun all year round, but we are always super excited for the summer festivities. From dancing and day drinking at festivals and sampling food from all different cuisines, The Town has you covered. Whatever your summer vibes are, family…

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Oakland for Live Music Lovers

From the historic 7th Street Blues Walk of Fame to regular drum circles at the Lake Merritt pergola, Oakland is a city that moves to a musical beat. Oakland is blessed with several large performance venues, including the Fox Theater and Paramount Theater in Uptown, and the Oakland Arena near the…

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Top Vinyl and Record Shops in Oakland, CA

Vinyl records - introduced in the 1940s - have made an unexpected comeback in the digital age. This curious trend is driven by many factors: better sound quality compared to phone-based streaming apps, an appreciation for the experience of handling vinyl and admiring large-sized album artwork, and…

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Traveling the Equity Path Along the Oakland Cannabis Trail

The Ganja Traveler welcomes you to Oakland, California, a groundbreaking cannabis scene where inclusivity, empowerment, and entrepreneurial spirit take center stage. We're bringing you on a guided tour through the Equity Path along The Cannabis Trail, where canna-curious travelers can experience and…

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Ultimate Guide for Current Hotel Offerings in Oakland

Welcome, Meeting Planners, to our blog where we feature the latest offers from Oakland's hotel scene! From state-of-the-art meeting spaces equipped with cutting-edge technology to personalized services tailored to your every requirement, Oakland's hotels are stepping up their game to ensure your…

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