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Oakland's waterfront is beautiful, has cool weather, and way more chill than other destinations. People are driving out to San Francisco, and even all the way out to Tiburon... hello? Get yo' life! After reading this, we'll see you out here at the coolest summer spot in the Bay! Here are 11 reasons why Oakland's waterfront activity is just as impressive as your go-to spot! (Photo: Greg Linhares, City of Oakland) 

While New Orleanians and Brazilians have their Mardi Gras, Oaklanders have their farmers markets. We are sick about fresh fruits and vegetables: those strawberries, that giant artichoke, and those Buddha hands. They were probably picked this morning, too, from farms about 60 miles away. Sprinkle into this veg fest rich coffee, baked goods, music and food vendors with ready-to-eat items, and we got ourselves a little bash.

Oakland is a two-wheel kind of town. Bikes are part of life: Its home to the annual Oaklava, a day in June when miles of streets are closed to traffic; and social activist bike group Red, Bike, and Green, which promotes cycling in African-American neighborhoods.

By Amy Westervelt

I did not move to Oakland for its dog friendliness. I didn't even have a dog at the time--I was just looking for more space and better weather--but once I got one I was happy to discover that I was living in a remarkably dog-friendly zone.