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If someone gave you a dime for every Golden Gate Bridge photo you've seen, you might just have enough money to cover one month's rent in San Francisco... in a studio... with 5 roommates. I mean, we understand that art is everywhere, and photography is all about perspective, but if we have to see another selfie with that crab sign in Fisherman's Wharf in the background, you might want to prepare for our 5 paragraph Facebook status rant. Our point being... photoshoots in San Francisco?... it's been done. Perhaps you should think about taking your talents to The East Bay. 

Every first friday of the month in the heart of Koreantown-Northgate, you’ll find Oakland’s prominent street festival - a live representation of Oakland’s vibrant art scene, culture and community. Ripe with street performers, artist collectives, interactive art pop-ups, vendors, and food trucks there is plenty to see and do for everyone. Every month’s fair features a different artistic and cultural theme, so you are constantly seeing a new side of Oakland’s creatives. Come explore Oakland’s eclectic arts scene, get inspired and get full on delicious local food while you’re at it. 

While exploring Oakland's Chinatown, it's almost impossible to miss one of Dragon School's murals. Their goal is to paint murals throughout Oakland's Chinatown to unite the businesses, artists, and community together for a more beautiful neighborhood. Dragon School provides youth and artists a unique place to experiment with street-art and public murals while engaging with the community. Dragon School's method re-imagines the neighborhood as a shared culture of art, where unity is strengthened by diversity.  

No matter where you go in Oakland, there is always someone reppin' The Golden State Warriors! Whether you are visiting for a Warriors game or just part of Dubnation looking for things to do, you have to check out these Warrior Murals!  

Oakland is full of amazing art exhibits and hybrid galleries that double as retail shops, barber shops or bars, and we think you should check them all out. But if you happen to be wandering the streets, there are gorgeous murals all over The Town. We recently took a mural tour with Community Rejuvenation Project(CRP) to scope out some of Oakland's most badass murals. There is a lot of history on these walls and taking the tour is the best way to learn about some of Oakland's history and community back stories, so we suggest booking today. Below are a few of our favorites and don't worry if your favorite didn't make this list because there are more parts coming to this series.