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When meeting planners are seeking an event locale in the Bay Area, the buzzing city of San Francisco may seem like the go-to choice – but think again. Just across the San Francisco Bay sits the authentic town of Oakland, brimming with culture, authenticity and unique meeting spaces, ready and proud to welcome your delegates. Rooted in creativity, Oakland’s central location boasts easy access to Northern California’s creative hubs, diverse entertainment options and pristine Bay views– as well as provides attendees with a one-of-a-kind cultural and culinary experience that will leave your guests hungry for more.

Oakland is Accessible, Innovative and Bold
Elevate Your Organization’s Meetings in Oakland

Priding itself on being rooted in creativity,  celebrating local culture, award-winning multi-cultural food scene and convenient location in San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland offers a welcoming and inclusive community to elevate your organization’s next meeting or convention.

Oakland provides visitors with an urban experience while offering modern amenities and contemporary meeting spaces that are distinct, all within a prime destination for meeting planners and their attendees looking to take their meeting someplace different. One of the premier meeting places on the West Coast, the popular Oakland Convention Center is just one of several creative meeting sites offering easy access to Downtown Oakland’s progressive culinary, arts and culture and nightlife scene that offers an inclusive and proactive spirit.

When visiting Oakland, we know you’re going to want to indulge. There’s a nationally-acclaimed restaurant on nearly every corner, a classic dive bar or new brewery calling your name.

Not to worry – just outside your hotel room door, there are also several simple and fun running routes to help you maintain your exercise regimen, while also giving you a chance to explore the surrounding neighborhoods. And, with 260 sunny days a year, it’s always a good time to hit the pavement in The Town. 

Challenging Your Organization’s Meetings with One-Of-A-Kind Event Spaces in Oakland

Brimming with diversity, multiculturalism and history, the city of Oakland is stunningly innovative and a true gem of the San Francisco Bay. Meeting planners looking to progress their meetings with a creative twist beyond just banquet halls and expo centers have a plethora of diverse and innovative meeting spaces from historic homes to redesigned auto dealerships. Few cities in the U.S. can bring the variety, history and character of event spaces to the table quite like Oakland – plus, your attendees will look forward to their time outside of scheduled events to explore the city’s walkable neighborhoods and experience the bold, inclusive culture and welcoming energy of the diverse community.

Love is in the air! With weddings being the trending topic, Oakland has lots of options for your special day. The Town has a number of beautiful venues from indoor to outdoor, classic to modern. Finding a spot to get hitched is a non-issue here! 

Silence may be golden, but here in Oakland, we like a little more bass in our evenings. Oakland's music scene kicks it up with a large population of musicians; Kehlani, Mistah F.A.B., Too $hort, -- that have a variety of venues to play at, from stages that are merely a section of the bar floor to those places where the band is on a pedestal and the velvet curtains part.

The Sunny Side of the Bay is THE city to host your next meeting, convention or event. Oaklands hotel meeting spaces range from traditional to unique and under the stars to under the streetlights. All affordable, all accessible.

By Karin Swanson / Matador Network

THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON IN OAKLAND that using it as a mere stopover en route to somewhere else doesn't make much sense. But you can't look at a map without noticing the city's proximity to a whole host of pretty amazing places. Here are some ideas for which way to point yourself when you're finally ready to leave town, or just looking for an epic day trip.