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Infamous for their long hours and long poured cocktails, dive bars are a great way to immerse yourself in Oakland’s diverse night-life culture. Though peculiar in appearance these hometown treasures offer a warm friendly atmosphere and, of course, well priced well drinks. 

Silence may be golden, but here in Oakland, we like a little more bass in our evenings. Oaklands music scene kicks it up with a large population of musicians -- no, not just MC Hammer -- that have a variety of venues to play at, from stages that are merely a section of the bar floor to those places where the band is on a pedestal and the velvet curtains part.

Yes, they mostly glitter at night, whether from the gleaming terracotta Art Deco tiles or neon marquees. These still operational, gorgeous theaters are thriving hubs of Oakland entertainment. Do you think the cineplexes of the 1970s and 80s will ever be on the National Register and loved as deeply as we love these gems?

By Alex Scola / Matador Network IN OAKLAND, THE PARTY is never constrained to the weekends. In fact, throughout any given month, there are plenty of opportunities to turn up virtually any given day of the week, for locals and tourists alike. Here's a seven-day guide for going out in Oakland and exploring the nightlife in the Bay Area's hippest city.

By Stuart Schuffman a.k.a. Broke-Ass Stuart

Its all happening in Oakland. It seems that brilliant, forward thinking bars and restaurants are opening weekly, helping put The Town on par with some of the best culinary cities in the U.S. That said, its still Oakland, a laid back place lacking much of the pretention of her big sister across The Bay. Thats why were highlighting seven of the best bars in Oakland to have a cheap drink, hang out, and meet some incredibly interesting local characters.