From the classic to the unconventional flavors and between rolled, churned and liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream, there's a perfect scoop waiting for you at these unique ice creameries in Oakland. 

Ice Cream Spots in The Town


Curbside Creamery
482 49th St

In Oakland’s Temescal Alley is Curbside Creamery, a classic parlor bringing you scoops, soft serve, ice cream sandwiches and delicious fresh made waffle cones.  They specialize in gourmet takes on classic flavors everyone loves, available in both traditional dairy and cashew-based vegan options.

Dreyers Grand Ice Cream
5925 College Ave

Did you know the ice cream giant started right here in Oakland?! Sure you can buy them in just about every grocery store, but you need to go to the actual parlor in Rockridge and enjoy a scoop, or two. We don't judge.

Fentons Creamery
4226 Piedmont Ave

Bay Area natives recognize Fenton’s as the classic place to celebrate birthdays, end of seasons, and graduations. If you’re in the mood for a big ice cream sundae, but your friend is craving a hearty comfort meal, Fenton’s on Piedmont Avenue is undoubtedly the best solution to your dilemma. This 123 year old, family owned and operated ice cream parlor and restaurant is a true Oakland gem.

Freezing Point Creamery
349 7th St

Nestled in the heart of Oakland’s Chinatown, this small joint serves up Thailand street vendor style ice cream. Different from traditional ice cream, which is churned producing an airy and light texture, the base of this ice cream is poured onto a cold metal pan. The liquid base then freezes and is mashed with add ins such as cookies, fruit and cereal, then smoothed and scraped into rolls. This process results in a more dense, sticky ice cream with a notable texture that doesn’t melt so easily. Know before you go: It is difficult to find parking in Chinatown. Plan on having a friend drop you off or call a ride share.

Humpry Slocombe
2335 Broadway

This ice cream shop has been highly regarded as one of the Bay’s best and can be found at The Hive in Oakland’s Uptown. You won’t miss the refurbished bright blue shipping container. They have a changing portfolio of flavors, including Hibiscus Beet sorbet, Here’s Your Damn Strawberry, Honey Thyme, and their highly coveted Secret Breakfast - a bourbon ice cream base with cornflakes.

Icey Cream
346 Grand Ave

Pastel-hued ice cream shop that serves scoops, pastries & cookies in petite, playful environs.

Little Giant Ice Cream
1951 Telegraph Ave Oakland

On the corner of Telegraph and William Street in Uptown, you’ll find a cute ice cream shop with quirky decorations and colorful stools. Little Giant keeps their ice cream simple with some milk, eggs, sugar and salt. They have plenty of classic flavors as well as unique renditions such as jalapeño peach, dirty south (bourbon pecan caramel) and vegan flavors such as coconuts and strawberry limeade.

The most amazing flavors with a fab vegan selection! - @jaclynkellye

Loard’s Ice Cream
2825 MacArthur 94602

This Bay Area ice cream chain has fun flavors like Almond Joy, Burgundy Cherry, and Banana but they also have your classic Vanilla and Chocolate. Stop in for a scoop or a sundae!

Nieves Cinco de Mayo
3340 E 12th St

Simply put, if you want the best Mexican ice cream around, this is where you go.

Smitten Ice Cream
5800 College Ave

Liquid Nitrogen might be one of the biggest trends in ice cream game, and Smitten is doing it just right. Upon entering their shop, you won’t see any ice cream at the counter because they make every scoop fresh to order. They offer a small selection of flavors in addition to a couple of seasonal options. Take your pick and see the magic happen before your eyes. The process of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen makes it incredibly creamy and decadent. While the price point may be a little higher, the quality of the ice cream and overall experience makes a trip to Smitten well worth it.

Sweet Belly
435 19th St

Come get your sweets fix on at Sweet Belly, a small hole-in-the-wall shop in Uptown swirling monthly rotating flavors of soft serve ice cream paired with mini donuts and unique toppings. Flavors in the recent months have included earl grey, toasted almond and sencha. Their made-to-order mini donuts come in various sugar coatings, such as plain, citrus, and matcha. These donuts are so small and delicious, you won’t even feel guilty taking a few for the road. A fan favorite order is the Sweet Deal #1, which consists of a cup of soft serve, one topping and a mini donut with a drizzle. Their unique, pinterest inspired interior also makes for some instagram worthy photos for the foodies.

Taras Organic Ice Cream
4731 Telegraph Ave

Ice cream at Tara’s is handcrafted in small batches of just 2-4 gallons at a time, and they use only the best, certified organic ingredients. Their rotating artisan flavors are made with fresh herbs, freshly ground spices, dairy and seasonal fruit from local farms. Not only does Tara’s emphasize using pure and honest ingredients, but they’re taking the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint with all compostable cups and pints made from sugarcane, spoons made from potato starch and energy efficient lighting and equipment in their shop. Swing by their Temescal shop and try one of their unique flavors like Mexican chocolate, nectarine or lemon verbena in a fresh plain or black sesame waffle cone.

Other Frozen Treats


Cookiebar Creamery
517 8th St

Ice cream parlor & cookie bakery dishing up many flavors in a spare, modern space.

6300 College Ave

On the other end of the spectrum, CREAM is one of Oaklands newest spots to grab a frozen treat. Cream specializes in ice cream sandwiches, and they are hella good.

Flavor Brigade
3540 Fruitvale Ave

We're going to be honest, Flavor Brigade is mostly known for their Italian Ice rather than their ice cream. But hear us out they still have ice cream because there may be a time you need dairy and sugar-free. This is THE spot in the town for Italian Ice; with 30 flavors you will for sure find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lush Gelato
4184 Piedmont

Cones are made fresh daily and their cups and spoons are biodegradable. Fun and gourmet flavors like Fresh Basil, Honey Cardamom, Tequila, and much more.

Vegan Donut Gelato
411 E 18th St.

Laid-back neighborhood locale serving pastries and gelato scoops, plus coffee and tea.

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