Oakland is an amazing place to soak up great summer vibes. With a variety of events and activities happening throughout The Town  – there is something for everyone to enjoy. By day or by night, whether you’re looking to plan the perfect date, get together with friends or enjoy lots of family fun - Oakland is the place to be!

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Vehicle/Car Rental Safety

  • When possible, avoid renting vehicles with out-of-state license plates
  • If possible, drive directly to your hotel upon arrival and remove all luggage and valuables from the vehicle. When parking your vehicle in public or private spaces also remove all luggage and valuables
  • Parking in a secure garage is recommended. In downtown, we suggest taking advantage of the newly launched “Five After Five” Program with discounted secured parking at the Franklin Plaza Parking Garage
  • Always lock your vehicle
  • Upon parking your vehicle or departing, do not linger in your car
  • Keep your head up, your eyes open, and your phone down on city streets and on public transportation. This will lower the chance of theft and keep you safe on the streets

Hotel and Motel Safety

To help ensure that a vacation will be an enjoyable experience for everyone, here are some crime prevention tips that will help protect your family and property when staying at a hotel or motel:

Upon Arrival
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area close to the lobby
  • Before getting out of your vehicle, check your surroundings
  • When leaving your vehicle, remove valuables and be sure to lock it
  • Keep your head up, your eyes open, and your phone down


In an emergency, call 911.

An emergency exists when there is a life-threatening police matter, a medical emergency or fire, or a person who has fallen and is unable to get up. 911 will get you police, fire and medical services.