Plants. Are. It. Right. Now. While many of us have been home during COVID, we’ve spent way more time cooking, organizing, making cocktails, home-schooling, you name it. 

Plants are a silver lining to staying home. They provide the opportunity to reconnect or even begin to cultivate a relationship with nature. There is something to be said for the act of nurturing and caring for plants that has created a "plant therapy" renaissance as a way to practice self-care and healthier habits during this time. 

For those plant parents out there, here are some amazing local plant shops in Oakland that you should definitely check out.

Black Girls Green House

Business owners Kalkidan Gebreyohannes and J’Maica Roxanne enjoy their handiwork at Black Girls Greenhouse.

"How we keep our space is about a feeling and evoking that feeling with people has been the most rewarding thing for us." - Kalkidan Gebreyohannes

If you haven’t heard of Black Girls Greenhouse already, you need to visit them ASAP. They opened for business in West Oakland this past August and the shop has been a source of inspiration, joy, and overall badassery ever since! Arguably one of the first Black-owned plant shops in Oakland, it's run by Kalkidan Gebreyohannes and J’Maica Roxanne with the intent to create joy and conviviality. 

The space is adorned with lush plants in and around a to-die-for copper greenhouse and a mini display of goods made by other Black-owned and local businesses. Once you’re done wandering through the greenhouse, visit their coffee station where visiting baristas prepare you a gorgeous latte (or other beverages on the menu), and relax in their super cute lounge area, complete with animal print rugs and beautifully designed pillows.

There's really no place quite like it. 

Crimson Horticultural Rarities

Plants of all shapes and sizes line the counter at Crimson Horticultural Rarities in Oakland's Temescal Alley.

PC: Crimson Horticultural Rarities

A staple at Temescal Alley, Crimson Horticultural Rarities is a wondrous shop of various plants, succulents, cacti, clay pots, candles, and ornamental goodies. They even offer floral design services for weddings! Not only is this shop fascinating to experience, but the staff is very knowledgeable in plant details such as basic plant care, pet-friendly greens, and for more tips, they have an online blog.


Of Soil and Moss

A monstera plant sits balled-up in the Japanese tradition of Kokedama at Oakland's Of Soil and Moss

PC: Instagram @ofsoilandmoss

Nestled in Temescal, Of Soil and Moss specializes in the Japanese art of Kokedama. According to the shop, “Ko-Ke-Da-Mah is a Japanese gardening technique that originated from bonsai. The plant is placed into a ball of soil, then covered in moss and secured with string, making it self-contained and doing away with pots altogether. It is a minimal plant aesthetic that showcases the plant and its personality.”

If you like a more minimal aesthetic or want a unique way to display your plant, Of Soil and Moss hand crafts each plant at their studio to add that special touch. 

PC: Instagram @ofsoilandmoss

Other Great Plant Shops