Beers and bratwurst. IPAs and a heavy hand with hops. There are pairings in the beer world that just make sense together, and dogs and breweries certainly make the list. If you’re looking for locations in Oakland where you can enjoy a pint with your pooch, check out some of our favorite canine-friendly spots below!

The Four-Legged Jack London Beer Crawl

For folks looking to stop by multiple breweries with a furry friend in tow, the Jack London neighborhood is home to a fantastic collection of spots with plentiful outdoor seating options that make great stops for folks with a dog with them. Anchoring the west end of the crawl, with both exposed and shaded outdoor seating, stop by Dokkabier on Third Street for their Asian-inspired beers featuring a range of interesting experimental flavors (cardamom and kimchi are notable standouts).


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From there, make your way up to Fourth Street and east a block to Seawolf, where you can pick up a quick pint or a cheeky cocktail. Next up, just a block to the east, stop by Original Pattern with your pup and enjoy one of their award-winning beers out front alongside a bite from the consistent food popup they host. Begging may occur.

The last three stops on the tour form a loop that can be done in either direction. Oakland United, down on Second Street, is a great stop for brews made in-house with abundant outdoor seating and tasty bar bites (we recommend the Black Lager and pizza mac and cheese).

Two blocks to the east, stop by Tiger’s Taproom at Third and Jackson for a pour or two from their selection of California breweries (and maybe an Underburg as well if you’ve got the capacity).

Round out the tour with a stop by Buck Wild Brewing on Fourth, and if your companion has been extra good this whole time, you might even sneak them one of their delicious gluten-free chicken nuggets.

Sunny, Spacious, and Dog-Friendly

If you’re dog tired (or your dog is tired) a sunny patio where you can park your paws may be just what you need. Rose’s Taproom on Telegraph serves up house-made beers alongside spritzes and small plates, and their patio is a perfect place to rest and recharge with your pup.

Both Ghost Town’s West Oakland and Laurel locations are welcoming to dogs, and feature plenty of space for those who might need to separate themselves from the pack a bit.


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Ale Industries, East of Lake Merritt, is the spot for you and your dog to visit for environmentally-conscious brews and a classic warehouse brewery vibe.

Canine Etiquette at Breweries

While almost all breweries openly welcome dogs into their space, there are a few points to keep in mind when bringing your furry friend along. Be aware that indoor food service and dogs generally don’t mix for health code reasons, so don’t take it personally if an employee tells you they aren’t allowing dogs (service dogs are generally exempt).

Be mindful of how your presence is impacting others – your dog might be the sweetest creature you’ve ever known, but other humans (and dogs) may have past experiences that make them less comfortable. Keep an eye out for how others are reacting to your presence.

Lastly, if you’re not sure if dogs are welcome, there's no harm in asking! With tons of beer spots in Oakland just a stone’s throw from one another, you’re never far from a location that is on board with you and your dog stopping in for a cold one.

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