Great chocolate is easy to find in Oakland! The Town is rich with chocolatiers creating some of the most decadent chocolate around. From jewel like truffles to vegan bars – these only-in-Oakland treats will make your valentine’s heart melt and their mouth water. Visit Oakland, visit one of these chocolate shops and pick up a delicious gift for you or someone you love! 

Cajun Bay Sweets

At Cajun Bay Sweets, they specialize in an extensive selection of unique and hard-to-find sodas from around the world. From classic favorites like root beer and cream soda to exotic flavors like bacon and buffalo wing, our shelves are lined with a rainbow of refreshing choices. Embark on a taste adventure and discover your new favorite candy!

The Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet Café and Bakery

Originally known as Bittersweet Café, the Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet Cafe and Bakery has been serving chocolates and treats for over 17 years, and under their current owner for over 5 years. This community driven business cares deeply about their customers so make sure to stop by for a cup of melted hot chocolate and take home one or all of their assorted chocolate bars and irresistible salty chocolate caramels. | Location: 5427 College Ave.

Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet

Le Bonbon

Established in 1977, Le Bonbon is a European-style shop that has been offering made in-house chocolates and candy, as well as imported favorites in storybook Montclair Village. Plan a visit and as soon as you walk in you’ll see a self-serve wall of bulk candies with a large variety of Jelly Belly, Gummi Candy, Lolli Pops, mugs, and tea pots which is exciting for both kids and adults. And on the counter side, you will find delicious locally made chocolates, truffles, and gelato. | Location: 2050 Mountain Blvd.

Le Bonbon Oakland California

Love + Chocolate

In the heart of Rockridge lies a sweet haven for all the chocolate lovers out there - Love + Chocolate. This charming shop, with its warm and inviting atmosphere, is a true paradise for the senses. As soon as you step in, the intoxicating aroma of rich, velvety chocolate envelops you, instantly transporting you to a world of indulgence. | Location: 6309 College Ave

Michael’s Chocolates

Created in 2015, this artisan chocolate shop is owned by husbands, Michael and Curtis. Michael's Chocolates confections are like beautiful jewels made with unique and decadent flavors. It all started one day years ago, when Michael and Curtis were walking down the street and Michael said "I think, in my next life, I want to do something with chocolate". The following Christmas, Curtis gifted Michael with some of the best books on chocolate and confectionary production and the rest is history. We highly recommend them! | Location : 3352 Grand Ave.

Michaels Chocolates Box

Xocolate Bar

The Xocolate Bar in Oakland is a hidden gem for chocolate enthusiasts. This boutique chocolate shop offers a tantalizing array of handcrafted chocolates, truffles, and confections that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Each piece is meticulously made with organic, fair-trade cacao, and infused with unique flavors that surprise and delight the palate. Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual chocolate lover, The Xocolate Bar promises an unforgettable experience that will satisfy your sweet cravings and leave you craving more. | Location: 5854 College Avenue

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