Temescal is a vibrant and unique community unlike any other part of Oakland. Once filled with horse stables and barns, Temescal is full of a younger crowd with a hipster feel without the pretentious looks you could receive in other cities. Lose yourself in the culture walking up the street of Telegraph and into Temescal Alley where you will be pleasantly entertained by the artistry of Oakland.


Juhu Beach Club

5179 Telegraph Ave.

If you close your eyes and picture the usual Indian dinner sit down with utensils, this is probably the exact opposite of that. We're talking about Indian Street food here! Dishes like the Pork Vindalated Pav, a slider full of Indian inspired goodness. The Desi Jacks are your must have appetizer.

What to get: Chili and a couple Pav's

Bakesale Betty

5098 Telegraph Ave.

This spot embodies the hipster culture with a humble sense of community. There are less than five things on the menu, they are only open from Tue - Sat, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, the dining area consists of ironing boards on the sidewalk outside of the shop, and the line can curl all the way around the block! Yes, it's worth it!

What to get: Chicken Sandwich and the Strawberry Shortcake

Cholita Linda

4923 Telegraph Ave.

The decor of the restaurant is the first thing that will catch your eye. The ambiance is very open, colorful, and almost beach inspired. Then we get to the food... The Cubano Sandwich is darn right delicious! The cashiers and servers always have smiles on their faces, so you can count on great service. Lastly, you have to no you must try the tacos! They are debated to be Oakland's fan favorite tacos.

What to get: Fish tacos


400 40th St.

Now before we get to the unique niche menu they have here, we have to mention the service. No matter how busy this place gets, and it gets busy because the locals just can't get enough of it, the attentiveness of the servers and waiters is never compromised. Moving on to the mouthwatering Mac & Cheese selection... Whether you want the Mexican Mac or the Gilroy Garlic Mac, your cravings will be satisfied. Make sure to add breadcrumbs and a pineapple at the top of your concoction!

What to get: Mexican Mac

Doughnut Dolly

482 B 49th St.

We love us some Naughty cream! Positioned in the most interesting area to explore, Temescal Alley, this special gourmet doughnut shop gives you your choice of filling and injects different scrumptious flavors right before your eyes. Options like Mexican Chocolate or Lemon Curd are paired with the vanilla naughty cream for an addictive taste that you have you craving it on your way back home.

What to get: Mexican Chocolate & Naughty cream doughnut

The list we just gave you doesn't cover anything close to all the eclectic foodie adventures you can have in Temescal, so click here to see a full list of restaurants. And if you ever just get overwhelmed with the idea of deciding which one to check out, (this happens a lot, don't be too hard on yourself) there's always Edible Excursions a local food tour of the area that has you covered.



470 G 49th St.

This place will pull on your creative strings without costing you too much coin. This unique shop is full of up-cycled vintage items beautifully re-mastered with an artistic touch. You can find furnishings and artwork here all at a reasonable price, and always ever changing with new goods every visit.

Standard & Strange

484 C 49th St.

Standard & Strange is an American-made shop full of urban and current menswear. Carrying a selection of younger brands as well as some long-established favorites, always with an eye on quality and style, if you are a guy looking for a trend-setting outfit... look no more.

Marisa Mason

484 D 49th St.

You can find handmade pieces that have a beach aesthetic, mixed with a rock n' roll modern luxury quality. Designed to be worn multiple ways, these pieces allow the wearer freedom in styling and layering. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend back home to rock.


Hog's Apothecary

375 40th St.

Over 25 hand-selected, brewery-direct beers on tap every day!Handcrafted and house-butchered porcine delights! Need we say more? This spot satisfies all your Nightlife needs from beer to bomb food.

Where to Stay

Claremont Hotel Club and Spa

41Tunnel Rd

Sitting in the Oakland hills the property was originally a castle for a prospector and his wife, until 1915 when it became a grand hotel. During your luxurious stay, you'll be able to enjoy a dip in one of three pools, pick up your racket and hit one of ten tennis courts, or pamper yourself at one of the best spas in the Bay Area.