Grab your special someone because we're putting the LOVE in #oaklandloveit! Check out the top spots to spend some Q.T. (quality time), at a safe distance from others. 

1. Sitting on the concrete steps next to the Jack London Statue @Jack London Square
Bring your Valentine to the waterfront and get ready to take the next step.

Cranes at the Port of Oakland with sunset in the background.

PC: Gary Pope

2. Sitting on the steps @Joaquin Miller Park
Like... You never wanted to kiss in the park?

Steps at Joaquin Miller Park.

3. Taking a selfie on the curb in front of Fentons as seen on Pixar's movie "Up"
What's sweeter than love? Ice cream!

Two cups of ice cream from Fentons Creamery.

4. Taking in Town views from the parking lot @The Mormon Temple
Trust us... the view from up there is amazing.

The Mormon Temple and landscaping in Oakland lit at night.

PC: Instagram - @secretoakland

5. Enjoying views of The Town and The City from the Oakland Hills @Keller Ave. & Skyline Blvd.
Day or night the view is sure to impress.

Cityscape with Oakland and the moon alight.

PC: Chris Saulit

6. Smelling the roses while walking through @Morcom Rose Garden
Walk fingers laced through the garden... And let love bloom.

Morcom Rose Garden in bloom with all colors.

7. Watching the sunset on a bench @Lake Merritt
This just never gets old.

Lit benches overlooking city and body of water at night.

PC: Natausha Greenblott

8. Taking a romantic walk @Lake Temescal
Let Mother Nature set the mood.

Patrons enjoy the beach on Lake Temescal.

9. Laying on a blanket overlooking the Bay Bridge @Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
Even the stars get a little jealous of how bright the Bay Bridge shines.

Bikers view the sunset, city and water at Middle Harbor Shoreline. Park

10. Taking in the view from the gondola @Oakland Zoo
Get a little wild! Try not to scare the animals.

City views from the Oakland Zoo Gondola as it rides over the treeline.

Get A Room!

Now that you have multiple Valentine's Day options, here's some late night spots to check out. You're welcome!

Valentine's Day Things to Do