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Black History Month

Oakland is a city renowned for its diversity, and has deep roots in African American culture. Throughout Oaklands history there have been a number of pioneers and trailblazers who helped make this city as great as it is today. This month we celebrated all of this a little extra, but Oaklands Black History is on display year round.

Museums and Culture

Take a trip to the African American Museum & Library at Oakland. This venue is dedicated to the discovery, preservation, interpretation and sharing of historical and cultural experience of African Americans in California and the West. The library has an extensive archive, including 160 collections with diaries of prominent families, pioneers, churches, social and political organizations. The museum features a permanent exhibit on influential figures from Oakland, as well as temporary exhibits focused on the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Panthers.

The Oakland Museum of California is presenting the Question Bridge: Black Males exhibition, running until February 25.  Immerse yourself in intimate videos—woven together and arranged to simulate face-to-face conversations between participants—among a diverse group of over 160 Black men across the United States. Hear these men answer each other’s questions with exceptional honesty and vulnerability, and share stories, beliefs, and values in a personal portrayal of their lives. Encompassing themes of family, love, interracial relationships, community, education, and wisdom, Question Bridge: Black Males presents nuanced portraits of past, present, and future of Black men in American society.

Opening February 8, the Oakland Museum of CA is adding an exhibit to the Gallery of California History about the Black Power movement. In response to the widely-popular 2016 exhibition All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50, this new installation will illustrate the creative ways black anti-racist activists in California supported their communities and challenged the U.S. government. 


We don't lack good soul-food in The Town. From classic BBQ to California infused Southern cuisine your soul is sure to be fed. Make sure to hit up some or all of these spots before Black History Month ends!

Special Events

Black Joy Parade

The Black Joy Parade exists to provide the black community and allies, a live experience that celebrates our influence on cultures past, present, and future. Oakland will unite a diverse community by creating a space to express everyone’s unique contributions to the black experience. You're invited to be creative, be open, be present, be free.

The parade will journey 8 blocks through downtown Oakland and conclude with a community celebration. Black Joy Parade is an inclusive event, welcoming people from all different backgrounds, across race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and identity to volunteer. This includes people with disabilities, as well as the elderly.