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Oakland Hotels with Outdoor Meeting Space

If you're planning a business trip or a corporate event in the East Bay, outdoor meeting spaces can provide a unique and refreshing atmosphere for your attendees. In this blog, we will explore some of the best hotels in Oakland that offer outdoor meeting spaces for gatherings of all sizes…

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Top Dog-Friendly Breweries in Oakland, California

Beers and bratwurst. IPAs and a heavy hand with hops. There are pairings in the beer world that just make sense together, and dogs and breweries certainly make the list. If you’re looking for locations in Oakland where you can enjoy a pint with your pooch, check out some of our favorite…

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A LGBTQ+ Bar Crawl in Downtown Oakland

Home to America’s oldest continuously-operating gay bar, Oakland boasts a vibrant queer culture that can be by turns younger, more Black, more femme, and more family-oriented than its famously queer neighbor across the Bay. Local gay nightlife long took the form of itinerant, underground parties…

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A Glimpse at Oakland's LGBTQ Owned Business Scene

According to the Census, Oakland along with San Francisco make up the most queer metropolitan area in America, so it’s no surprise that Oakland’s diverse and creative population includes many LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. From nightlife to dining to shopping, many of Oakland’s unique businesses are owned by…

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Top 12 Stunning Wedding Venues in Oakland, CA

Love is in the air! With weddings being the trending topic, Oakland has lots of options for your special day. The Town has a number of beautiful venues from indoor to outdoor, classic to modern. Finding a spot to get hitched is a non-issue here! Camron-Stanford House A charming Victorian manor with…

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Hot Spots for Beer and Bites in Oakland, CA

From the pretzels and pilsners of a German beer hall to the fish and chips and bitters of a proper pub, beer and food have paired together since before the first ale was ever brewed. With modern classics like burgers, pizza, and tacos earning their place on menus alongside more traditional…

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The Ultimate Guide for Oakland Restaurants with Outdoor Space

Known for its vibrant cultural scene and gorgeous sunny summer days, Oakland is the perfect destination for a meal out on a beautiful patio. This list will help you discover some of the best restaurants in The Town that have outdoor seating that is ideal for a sunny day with a loved one. Brenda’s…

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Best Places to Get Ice Cream in Oakland, CA

From the undeniable classics, to exciting unconventional flavors, Oakland has got your perfect scoop! Indulge in your favorite churned, vegan, rolled, and liquid nitrogen frozen scoops at these unique ice creameries in The Town. Check them out below! Ben & Jerry’s Known for their decadent ice…

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