My name is Tati aka SnackterianSF, a Latina food-blogger native to San Francisco with a love for supporting local flavor in the Bay Area! It’s only right that I partner up with Visit Oakland to highlight 10 Must-Try tacos in The Town!

Although there is no order in which these tacos are ranked, each of these Latino-owned businesses put their passion into street tacos and are a huge part of the local community. Check them out below!

La Parilla Loca

It’s no surprise that Oakland’s taco game remains undefeated. In the last few years the "Tijuana style” taco, which was regularly seen in LA’s taco scene, hit the streets of Oakland, California. La Parilla Loca of East Oakland, would be one of the first taco trucks to offer charcoal grilled meats, a hand-carved trompo of al pastor, chopped over wooden blocks.

La Parrilla Loca Taco Truck in Oakland California

The delicious carne asada or pork will be topped with onion, cilantro, fire roasted salsa and wrapped with a soft handmade corn tortilla and guacamole smeared on top. Near the small food trailer are fold-out tables and chairs that are occupied by locals looking to get their taco craving satisfied.

Trompo at La Parrilla Taqueria in Oakland California

La Grana Fish

Next stop Fruitvale, parked alongside the Aloha Club you’ll find a Sinaloa-style Mexican food truck by the name of La Grana Fish. Popularly known for its queso-birria, although the real star of the show is a lightly battered baja fish taco, that is fried to a golden brown topped with thinly sliced cabbage, pico de gallo and an addictive chipotle crema. Seating is spacious with a laid-back brewery feel. Be sure to check out their pre-made Michelada mixes and grab a Modelo Negra at the bar, this a refreshing duo for those warm Oakland weekends.

La Grana Fish in Oakland California


El not to be confused with El Paisa Taqueria, located on International Blvd in East Oakland is respected/well-known for its authentic Suadero style taco. Pay at the cashier, grab your ticket and the taquero awaits you. Behind the serving counter, is a huge metal pot for suadero, where meats are simmering in their own natural fats and juices, which provides amazing flavor to each bite. The tripas are hands down the best, deliciously crispy and tender on the inside. Other popular meats would be lengua and buche, each order is customized to the customer, meats are layered on double tortillas and topped with charred onion and nopal. Near the outdoor benches and tables filled with families, you will find a salsa bar with some of the spiciest damn salsas, and brined onions and carrots.

Tacos at El in Oakland California

Tacos Sinaloa

Oakland’s most beloved and celebrated taco truck goes to Tacos Sinaloa in Fruitvale. This OG is known for late-night - deliciously crispy carnitas and shrimp tacos, covered in savory salsa, serranos and pickled carrot. This is also Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors go-to taco spot, just prepare yourself for a line and remember it’s cash only. The parking lot is spacious, most eat in their car although there are a few tables to grab some bites benches with table tops.

Tacos Sinaloa Taqueria in Oakland California

Tacos Mi Reynita

Adored for its Tijuana-style tacos, Mi Reynita is a taco truck in Deep East Oakland, which originally started out of their home during the pandemic. To date, they have become most popular on social media and have several trucks in the East Bay. Offering an amazing selection of charcoal grilled meats, handmade tortillas and 7 fire roasted salsas. They’ve definitely aced the al pastor and charred chorizo, which has a smokey taste and is a perfect balance to the guacamole and pillowy soft corn tortillas.

Tacos Reynita in Oakland California

La Santa Torta

La Santa Torta is one of the first taco trucks in the Bay Area to offer the irresistible Jalisco style quesa-birria also known as “red tacos." The popular truck can be found near Jack London Square, there is no seating here so you’ll have to eat at the back of your car. On certain days they have open seating at their new Brick & Mortar location on Linden Ave., just check their Instagram so you’re prepared. These tacos are grilled and filled with mouth watering shreds of beef, melted cheese and topped off with cilantro and onion. Although the taco boasts delicious flavor on its own, one dip in a Mexican Chile-forward Consome will have you hooked.

La Santa Torta Jalisco in Oakland California

Tacos Oscar

The vegan taco options at Tacos Oscar are a complete smash! This team is working out of a small kitchen inside of a shipping container in Oakland’s Temescal district. This pop-up turned to brick and mortar offers traditional slow cooked barbacoa and vegan options like charred romano bean topped with peanutty arbol salsa, and calabacita tacos topped with a salsa macha that gives the perfect flavors of dried chiles and mexican spices. The menu changes with seasons, which gives a very special farm to table feel. The taco patio also known as “ The Alley Way” has landed this Oakland gem on the Michelin guide. The seating area is vibrant, bustling with conversation and freshly cracked local ales. 

Tacos at Tacos Oscar in Oakland California

Mi Grullense

Another Oakland staple, Mi Grullense #1 and #2 taco trucks are parked outside of a Goodwill on International Blvd. Both trucks are the same business, so choose the shorter line. Known for their quick street-style tacos, a generous amount of carne asada and al pastor with toppings. Open weekly from 8-12am midnight, weekends until 2am. Although there is no seating, this remains perfect for the taco lover on the go!

Tacos Mi Grullense in Oakland California

Tacos Guadalajara

Tacos Guadalajara is parked near bart on 44th and International. This family has been in the Oakland taco business for quite some time and that is for good reason. The tacos here are a solid choice, known for their affordable prices and massive burritos. Open late nights and like others it is cash only.

Taqueria Guadalajara in Oakland California

Carnitas El Guero

The final stop in an Industrial area in East Oakland, you’ll find some of the best Mexican fried pork “The Town” has to offer. Carnitas El Guero specializes in Michoacan style Carnitas and Chicharron. From 8am to sell out on Saturdays and Sundays they’re selling freshly fried carnitas by the pound and personal taco orders. Ran by a son & daughter while their parents work the kitchen, frying/chopping and making handmade tortillas on the spot. Each taco is filled with savory pork and small pieces of cuerito ( gelatinous pig skin ) for a fatty bite!  Seating is tented with multiple tables so you can really get down and enjoy with friends!

With all that being said, Oakland has the best variety of tacos and bang for your buck in the Bay Area. These are my must-haves, but what’s your go to order?

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