Welcome, fellow cannabis enthusiasts, to The Cannabis Trail – a journey through the heart of California's rich cannabis culture. The Cannabis Trail winds through northern California, offering a unique tapestry of landmarks that illuminate the history, cultivation, and cultural significance of cannabis. Starting from the vibrant streets of Oakland, this curated Cannabis Trail adventure promises an immersive exploration of the plant's journey from seed to consumption.

Oakland: Culture, Vibrance, and Innovation

We’re kicking off our voyage in Oakland, the welcoming gateway of The Cannabis Trail, a city pulsing with energy and innovation. In the heart of the Temescal neighborhood, Root'd in the 510 is welcoming with warm wood tones and a modern style. Social equity licensed and dedicated to community empowerment, this shop not only offers a wide selection of premium cannabis products but also has a consumption lounge with events to create more significant connections and relationships in the community using the cannabis experience. Find The Cannabis Trail landmark signs and scan the QR code to dive deeper into the story of this landmark representing equity, community, and education.

Owners at Rootd in the 510 posing in front of The Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark Sign

Harborside, our next East Bay landmark, is an iconic institution deeply ingrained in Oakland's cannabis history. As one of the oldest cannabis shops in the city and a trailblazer in cannabis wellness and consumer education, Harborside has played a pivotal role in shaping the local cannabis culture and cannabis normalization. It was also the site of the very first legal sale of recreational cannabis in California. It is one of the largest and most well-curated stores in the world. Explore its diverse offerings and bask in the legacy of this trailblazing landmark that honors the vision and work of Harborside visionaries and co-founders Dress Wedding and Steve DeAngelo.

Cultural Landmark at Harborside in Oakland California

The Cannabis Trail: Unveiling History and Culture

The Cannabis Trail weaves together the stories of these landmarks, creating a narrative that spans the diverse landscapes of Humboldt & Mendocino counties, Oakland, and more. Beyond the lush fields and city streets, The Cannabis Trail reflects a plant's resilience, innovation, and cultural significance that has woven itself into the fabric of California's identity. The full trail spans nine counties and twenty points of interest and is constantly evolving, much like the story of cannabis in Northern California.

This trail is not just a physical journey but a celebration of the pioneers, artisans, and advocates who have transformed cannabis into a cultural phenomenon. Join us as we traverse The Cannabis Trail, connecting with the soul of California's cannabis culture and uncovering the stories that have shaped this remarkable journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in a trailblazing adventure, where each landmark is a chapter in the ever-evolving cannabis saga in the Golden State. Before you begin your journey, be sure to peruse the Know Before You Go guide.