Oakland is an amazing place to soak up great summer vibes. With a variety of events and activities happening throughout The Town  – there is something for everyone to enjoy. By day or by night, whether you’re looking to plan the perfect date, get together with friends or enjoy lots of family fun - Oakland is the place to be!

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Review Criteria

A qualified panel of reviewers will evaluate applications based on the goals and criteria listed below:

1. The event serves targeted Oakland commercial districts and supports event participants and residents from priority Oakland neighborhoods. The event or series is new. (30%)
  • Priority score of the commercial district where event will occur (Based on Commercial District Map)
  •  Percentage of event participants (businesses, vendors, artists, cultural groups directly participating in the event) living or working in priority neighborhoods (Based on OAKDOT Equity Toolbox Map)
  • Priority score of current residential or business address of applicant (Based on OAKDOT Equity Toolbox Map)
  • The event or series is completely original or relatively new.
2. The event benefits Oakland-based small businesses, artists, cultural groups and especially commercial districts in priority neighborhoods (25%)
  • Applicant has a plan to partner with the surrounding businesses and commercial district to support them with event.
  • Applicant has a plan to bring customers to the surrounding commercial district and businesses during the event.
  • The Event is a series.
3. The event builds social cohesion and contributes to the Oakland community’s shared positive experience. (25%)
  • The event concept is connected to the district where it will be held, and applicant explanation of the choice of event and location is thoughtful and compelling.
  • The intended audience is clearly identified and the plans to get them to attend the event are effective as described.
  • The social benefits and community building impacts of the event are inspiring, significant, clear and compelling as described.
  • Applicant has a clear connection to the location.
4. The applicant shows readiness, capacity, and ability to implement the event successfully. (20%)
  • Concept is thoughtful and clear with programming identified.
  • Budget aligns with program guidelines and shows detail and accuracy.



Grant Reviewers use the following scale in assessing how well the applicant meets the review criteria.

Numerical values are then translated to the appropriate weight for each criterion.



Meets review criteria to the highest degree



Strongly meets review criteria



Satisfactorily or successfully meets review criteria; average



Moderately meets some of the review criteria; needs some improvement



Minimally meets the review criteria; greatly needs improvement



Does not meet any elements of the review criteria