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Saturday, October 1, 2022

LOCATION: DeFremery Park / Lil' Bobby Hutton Memorial Park,  18th & Adeline, Oakland

Parade: 10:00 am
Festival: 12:00 pm ​

The Oakland Black Cowboy Association, a not-for-profit organization, has spent four decades enlightening children and adults with the contributions of people of color in the settling of the West. This vision continues today with its annual parade and festival. People from all walks of life attend this one of a kind parade and festival which features nationwide cowboys, trick riders, schools community organizations, and local businesses. 

More About the Oakland Black Cowboy Association

Did you know that in the Old West up to 1 in 4 cowboys were black?

The Oakland Black Cowboy Association also hosts dances, conducts speaking engagements and community events promoting the contributions of people of color to the Old West. The Oakland Black Cowboy Association strives to share the numerous contributions of Blacks and other People of Color to the building of the Old West. We invite you to learn along with us.

Oakland Black Cowboy Association - Historic Images