Deep dish, thin crust, organic, wood-fired, artisanal, vegetarian, Oaklands pizza scene is as diverse as its people. While we don't ever play favorites, we've been inspired of late to reveal our top picks for the best pizza spots in the Town. So in no particular order, here are nine of our favorite spots for some za. Manga manga lets eat.


5008 Telegraph Ave

All hail Charlie Hallowell and his vision to bring crispy thin crust pizza to Oakland. While it may be the most hyped place on this list, Pizzaiolo lives up to it. For almost 10 years the crispy thin crust, farm to table meats and friendly staff have been happily repping Oakland and giving us everything we could want in a pizza.

What to order: Rapini and house made sausage

Boot & Shoe

3308 Grand Ave

Yes, we are putting Charlie's other pizza place on here too. The pizza is pretty much the same as Pizzaiolo so we had to.

What to order: cardoon, pancetta and an egg

Zachary's Chicago Pizza

5801 College Ave

You can guess by the name we are going to talk about deep dish here. Get out your knife and fork for this pizza pie. The sweet layer of sauce, the gooey cheese and then that chunk of crunchy crust at the end, don't mind our drool.

What to order: Keep it simple, pepperoni deep dish

The Star on Grand

3425 Grand Ave

Another great option for deep dish, the pizza names here are so Oakland we can hardly stand it! Also, cornmeal crust, yum.

What to order: The Port


66 Franklin St

We've been fans since this place opened. Located in Jack London Square with ample outdoor seating, it's the perfect spot to relax with a beer and slice. The pizza - handcrafted and wood-fired. If you're looking for a softer crust Forge is the place. Grab a seat outside, order yourself a personal pizza and enjoy beautiful views.

What to order: Try the Margherita pizza. But if you don't order the fried cheese curds, we're no longer friends.

Nicks Pizza

6211 Shattuck Ave

Chicago style, New York style, California style they're all great but what about Oakland style?! Maybe not as well known (yet) Nicks envisions Oakland style as more than just how you cook the pizza. Oakland Style Pizza focuses on the good stuff: quality ingredients, delicious delivery, desserts, and bringing people together over a meal. We're down.

What to order: Be brave, go with the Nicks Pick of the Week


4799 Telegraph Ave

You're headed here if you want a pint with your beer, which, of course, you do. The pizza is pretty straightforward (in a delicious way). Fair warning, they love their toppings here so don't be afraid.

What to order: Garbage pie, we told you not to be afraid of toppings


3265 Lakeshore Ave

They only do one a day, which is great because decisions are hard. Want to bake yours at home? No problem, grab one of these organic sourdough crust delights and bake it when you're ready.

What to order: Whatever is on the menu that day


5356 College Ave

At A16, you'll find gorgeous, enchanting, delectable Neapolitan pizzas. Some come uncut, but a little DIY spirit is good plus they'll give you the scissors, just don't run with them.

What to order: Montanara because fried dough 

Slicer Pizza

4395 Piedmont Ave​

Recommended through a comment on our Facebook page, Dan Wilson says their "pizza there is superb, thin crust and fresh ingredients." Check it out for your New York style pizza fixing.


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