By Christina Mitchell 

Bun, condiments, veggies, meat there's a methodology to burgers, yet all of the components have to complement each other perfectly. And when you get that perfect bite, everything seems right in the world. So where can you find the best burger in Oakland? We started with 3 categories: On My Final Paycheck burger, Not Your Ordinary burger, and a No Beef burger category for all of the vegetarians out there. Get ready to get your grub on! 

On My Final Paycheck Burger- Trueburger ($5.65) 

The certified Angus beef quarter-pound hamburger is ground on-site every morning, cooked medium and served with lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo. Spree for the Twinkie milkshake trust us! "I always go back to Trueburger for their simple and well-executed cheeseburger. They do charred meat very well." Yasuo Sonoda opinionated Oaklander. 

Where to find it: 146 Grand Avenue (in Uptown Oakland) 

Not Your Ordinary Burger - Oakland Burger at Umami Burger ($15) 

The Queso Fundido Burger is a blend of beef topped with house made chile con queso and chorizo fundido sauce. Be sure to come hungry for this mountain of goodness! "Cheesy, crumbly, and full of chorizo. I consider this burger a refined sloppy joe of the highest level and that's a great thing." Ryan Mendoza, Foodoofus writer. 

Where to find it: 2100 Franklin Street (in Uptown Oakland) 

No Beef Burger - CBQ Burger at Mua ($12) 

A chickpea, bulgur, quinoa burger served with aioli, tomato, onion, sprouts and fries on the side. You don't have to be a vegetarian to fall in love with this tasty treat. Its the only thing I ever eat there. With cheese, though. Always with cheese. - Candace Sims, opinionated Oaklander Where to find it: 2442a Webster Street (in Uptown Oakland) 

So, do you agree with the results? What's YOUR favorite burger in Oakland?