Lets cut to the chase. Treasure hunters after rare designer clothing and vintage (or maybe just a good bargain) should head to Piedmont and/or College avenues. Most finds are concentrated there. vintageblog2 strandedoaklandblog College Strip Since it opened in 2009, Pretty Penny has been a standout in the vintage clothing scene. Back racks organize dresses, pants and skirts from different decades, while the front is new stuff. In a narrow space Soiree Vintage stocks well-chosen mid-century dressier items. Theres also a nice selection of new jewelry and accessories. Because you cant complete the look without the cat-eye vintage frames, a big shout-out to Phoenix Optical, which claims to have the largest selection of vintage eyewear in the world. A little off the main path (a few blocks from College) is Telegraph Avenues loved Down at Lulus with a more rocker vibe (lots of 80s stuff here). Pink walls and a hair boutique are part of the package. Dont forget about the tunesStranded has shelves of used books and vinyl, kind of out of our purview but were just saying.   owl-n-wood-1blogPiedmont Strip Mercy Vintage Now is but one of the heavyweights on Piedmont Avenue, with a large selection of well-curated items from multiple decades. The other, Rare Bird, is a treasure trove of not just clothing (also mens and childrens), but cameras, jewelry and home decor. Add to that vintage shopping at Euro-esque designer Bis and Resurrect, which also carries handmade clothing items and art. Away from the hubs above but worth it are Uptowns Owl N Wood run by a local artist of Afro-Scandinavian heritage who curates new, vintage and local items. The well-selected Halmoni carries clothing, shoes and sometimes plus sizes. Temescal is good to hit up for a few scattered finds like Pine & Elder, which carries many manly accouterments. For the ladies, Minds Eye Vintage is full of stylish pieces waiting to be mixed into your wardrobe.