We march to the beat of our own drum here in Oakland, so why should our home sharing economy be any different? So if you're thinking about coming to Oakland or just taking a staycation keep these funky spots in mind. 

The Vintage Caravan/The Urban Cottage

This colorful caravan takes glamping to a whole new level. It's got a great central location, plus chickens! You also have the option to stay in a more grounded location if you aren't feeling the caravan.

The Startup Loft

Nothing says Bay Area like a start up. Get techie in this hip urban loft. Who knows you might even find a new job! 

The Classic Victorian

You'll find stunning Victorians all over Oakland and man are they beautiful. This one was built in the 1800s but don't worry you'll have all the modern day comforts. 

Studio in the Hills

Remarkable views await you in this sunny studio. Close to the hiking and biking trails, this place is perfect if you're looking to get into nature. 

The Yacht

Get nautical in the Oakland estuary, the yacht actually has three separate slips in Oakland. Choose your favorite, hop on a kayak and enjoy the bay!

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