Looking for the next hip spot? There's a reason hipsters are moving in record numbers to Oakland from other Bay Area locales. Rents are cheaper, the weather is better and the entrepreneurial spirit is given TLC. The Hipsteriest neighborhood is a hard call. Temescal certainly gets a strong vote because of Temescal Alley, two hidden alleyways of former horse stables turned indie shops. They include an apothecary (Homestead Apothecary), hand-filled donut shop (Doughnut Dolly), coffee served from propane-powered vintage machines (CRO Cafe) and a grooming spot for beards (Temescal Alley Barbershop). Restaurants in the neighborhood are dedicated to specific comforts like bagels (Beauty's) and mac and cheese (Homeroom). Hog's Apothecary has fattened its beer selection to include mostly California brews on tap. The only thing missing, for now, is a candlestick maker. That said, there are two gathering points in Uptown Oakland the nourishing spot of hipsters with an inordinate number of restaurants and bars that are strong contenders. Telegraph between 17th and 19th holds gem Dogwood, which fills with an unprecedented amount of flannels and 100 percent American-made denim on weekend nights. The grilled cheese sandwiches here are worth fighting for. Along the way other popular waypoints are Rudy's Cant Fail Cafe, Make Westing, Fauna, and Xolo. Farther down on Telegraph near Grand Avenue is the New Parkway Theater, which plays cult classics and new releases and has trivia nights and popups. No high-fructose corn syrup or palm oils are served on the premises. The Telegraph has a beer garden and is popular with bikers. No, not those kind of bikers. We mean Fixie-riding bicyclists. Tiki cocktails, Jell-o shots, Malaysian street food and low prices keep the crowds happy at star chef James Syhabouts Hawker Fare. It's a toss-up as to who takes the cake for hippest neighborhood in Oakland, but nonetheless, you'll find equal amounts of good times.