Many restaurants around the country are hyper focused on farm-to-table. Not to brag, but we've been living that food style in Oakland since the Disco decade. We're so micro-focused that we take that ethos all the way down to our cocktails. The result? Drinks that just can't be made outside Bay Area borders. With the wealth of goodness available at the local farmers markets, it makes complete sense to stock bars just like a chef stocks his kitchen. Co-owner of Hopscotch restaurant, Jenny Schwarz, agrees. The other day, she says, the restaurant received a crate of gorgeous blood oranges that Chef Kyle Itani didn't need. Instead, they ended up in glasses as a play on the gin-based Corpse Reviver #2. Like many quality bars in Oakland, Hopscotch uses fresh herbs and makes all its own preserves and purees. Schwarz says, If there's cranberry juice in a drink, we've juiced cranberries. It also makes its own from-scratch grenadine. Of the dozen or so cocktails on the current list, the Hunters Buck uses a fresh cranberry-pear puree, blending it with rye, ginger beer and lemon. At Daniel Pattersons Plum Bar, operations manager Ron Boyd calls the cocktail style "seasonal classics with an emphasis on market ingredients. Nothing overly flashy," he says. The drinks may use fresh beets, Meyer lemons, and fennel stalks, but it's in a subdued way. The Ramen Shop in Rockridge, opened by three Chez Panisse alums not so long ago, brings freshness and seasonality to their drinks as they do to their bowls of noodles. The tequila-based Broken Flower also has grapefruit and lime. Setting the standard for seasonal craft cocktails was Flora when it opened in 2007. It avoided corn syrups and all other canned grossness, using fresh ingredients as well as Small Hand Foods small-batch syrups, which are made with real fruits in the East Bay for drinks like the Clover Club. Boot & Shoe Services darkly lit, the alluring backroom bar makes its own tonics and artfully blends in flavors like lemon verbena and lavender honey in creations like the Bourbon-based Hook & Hammer and the gin Gimme Six Months. When you consider that even the less fancy (eclectically dive-ish?) bar Cafe Van Kleef makes greyhounds with a quarter of a real grapefruit, you know it's different out here.