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Natalie Alvanez, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

September 11, 2013

Natalie Alvanez

Q. If this was your last day on Earth, where in Oakland would you dine?

1 – Fentons Creamery, indulging in massive amounts of ice cream sundaes—and French fries.

Q. Where is the first place you take your friends and family from out of town in Oakland?

2- Definitely the Oakland Zoo. The weather is always nice up in the Oakland Hills and I love visiting the gibbon exhibit.

Q. What’s your favorite secret spot in Oakland?

3- Lake Temescal. Talk about a secret location—right off the freeway I drive on every day.

Q. Where would someone most likely find you on the weekend?

4- Someplace easy for my daughter to run around, so probably the Oakland Zoo or Children’s Fairyland.

Q. Describe your Oakland in 3 words?

5- Original, unexpected, and funky.

Q. Where is one of your favorite travel destinations in the world?

6-  I’m a lay-on-the-beach-and-bring-me-a-Mai-Tai kind of traveler, so Maui’s Kaanapali Shore would be my pick.

Q. What is your go-to happy hour drink?

7- A really buttery Chardonnay from the central coast of California.

Q. What do you love about your job?

8- Being able to see a city through the eyes of a visitor—it gives you a unique perspective as it allows you to see what residents overlook every day.

Q. Describe who you are in 140 characters or less.

9- Single mom, Mexican food snob, extremely driven Sagittarius with a knack for putting my foot in my mouth!

Q. Best place to shop in Oakland?

10 – Rockridge Home—a fun shop in the Rockridge neighborhood where you can find all kinds of unique home goods and treasures.

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