Artist Spotlight

Calle Ocho plays Cuban son, danzon, bolero & jazz, standing here in front of an Arthur Monroe painting.

01. Johnny5

Johnny5 is the founder of TURFinc - a local Oakland/ Bay Area based company that hopes to instill positive changes in the community through dance.

02. Leah Tumerman

Leah Tumerman is a painter and muralist whose work can be seen in galleries & on streets all around the bay area.

03. Tori Jahn

Tori Jahn is a dancer with the Oakland Ballet and received her training at American Repertory Ballet’s Princeton Ballet School. 

04. DJ Platurn

A 24 year veteran of the music industry, Platurn has traveled the world many times over bringing phenomenal music to multiple corners of the globe. 

05. Omid Zoufonoun

Omid Zoufonoun is the Youth Orchestra Principal Conductor for the Oakland Symphony. Omid Zoufonoun is a conductor, guitarist, educator, and award-winning composer.

06. Do D.A.T.

Do D.A.T. is a MC with the Hip Hop Orchestra, Ensemble Mik Nawooj.

07. Eric Blanpied

Eric takes pride in making one-of-a-kind furniture that is both solidly functional and satisfying to live with. His current passion is in combining metal and wood.

08. Bruce Tomb

Bruce is a maker and produces work at th NIMBY DIY space.(PC; Clody Cates ,NIMBY )

09. Joshua Mays

Joshua Mays is a self-taught painter, muralist and illustrator who currently resides in Oakland, California. 

010. Clody Cates

Maker, sculptor, painter, photographer, designer, performer, model, these are just a few of the ways to describe the myriad talents and boundless energy of artist Clody Cates.

011. Joyce Gordon

Joyce Gordon is the owner of the Joyce Gordon Gallery, the heart of Oakland's vibrant arts community. (PC;Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

012. Carol Lefkowitz

Abstract painter Carol Lefkowitz creates glowing atmospheric paintings inspired by sunlight, reflections, trees, and water. 

013. Richard Koci Hernandez

Richard Koci Hernandez started his career as a photojournalist and continues today to teach journalism students at UC Berkeley how to tell powerful stories with images. 

014. NohJustice

 Turf dancer and part of the legendary Oakland dance group the Turf Feinz.

015. Jill McLennan

An active artist & art teacher in Oakland, Jill's artwork addresses the changing environment from abandoned buildings & graffiti to new construction &...

016. Delaine Hackney

She creates portraits, residential architectural applications and most excitingly commercial & public art murals, all in mosaic with ceramic, glass and found objects. PC:...

017. Leila Weefur

With a multidisciplinary practice, Weefur tackles the complexities of phenomenological Blackness through video, installation, printmaking, & lecture-performances. (pc: ...

018. Dr. Zakariya Diouf

Dr. Zakariya Diouf is the Founder and Director of Diamano Coura West African Dance Company.  He received his Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from U.C. Berkeley and was director of...

019. Charmin Baaqee

Charmin is the lead curator and Art Committee Chair at East Bay Municipal Utility District Public Gallery Space.

020. Kathy Shaner

Kathy Shaner has more than 30 years working as a artists, instructor and professional in the living art of Bonsai. The first woman and first non-Japanese citizen to be...

021. Nate Cameron

Founder of the Oakland 2nd Line Project, Nate's a community leader, arts activist, cultural curator, & inspired educator, who prides himself on positively impacting youth.

022. Andrea Spearman

Andrea has been dancing and choreographing in Oakland for over 20 years. Here is performs a piece called Justice/JUSTUS , a call out to the police violence against Black Women and...

023. Muzae Sesay

Muzae Seay is a young emerging artists based in Oakland, CA who work in the studios behind Part 2 Gallery. He just had his first solo exhibition "Domestic Dive" open at...

024. Brian Caraway

Here Comes the Summer  was influenced by the aesthetics of 80s and 90s surf-skate-rock culture in Southern California, including the relationship to West Coast minimalism as...

025. Tobias Tovera

Tobias Tovera is a Bay Area visual artist recognized for his work in painting and the sensory surrounds of his multi-media installations .

026. Jenny Wong-Stanely

Jenny uses her experience to create works of art in wood and metal, to fully understand the biological details and chemical properties of materials in order to push the limits of...

027. Greacian Goeke

performance artist & cross-disciplinary thinker who creates dances & site-specific works with all ages. Her current dance explorations take place at Mountain View Cemetery...

028. Beejus

 Born and raised in West Oakland. Hip-hop artist who transformed into a podcast host. I like to have fun and enjoy life. Anything that gets in the way of that doesn't...

029. Morgan Proctor

Morgan is a third generation photographer with years of experience shooting food, product, & fine art photography.  Her upcoming exhibit focuses on the Bay...

030. Mista Man

Brandon Jones aka Mista Man . Born in Oakland , CA September 18, 1985. Up and coming Hip Hop artist/ Spitta .  

031. Evan Kolker

Evan Kolker is a sculptor working primarily in glass and metal. Working with glass for more than 20 years in Oakland, CA, the majority of his artwork is created...

032. Samuel Issac

I'm a photographer in Oakland, urban landscape is my main area of focus but I shoot anything that catches my eye. I enjoy photographing cities because I can put headphones on...

033. Rush Santos

Rush has lived in Oakland since he was 8 years old. He made a positive transition from graffiti writer to muralist and tee shirt brand and creator of Beast Oakland clothing....

034. Hueman

Hueman is an East Bay native that lives and works in Oakland. She is a self taught painter whose work can be found on the streets and in galleries worldwide. 

035. Shino Smoke

 I'm an Oakland based Hip-Hop artist that is dedicated to providing art that speaks to the more challenging aspects of life such as oppression, loneliness, and keeping a...

036. Henry Riekena

Painter Henry Riekena working in his studio at the American Steel building in Oakland. Riekena’s work is firmly based in an abstract expressionist tradition.

037. Phoebe Deutsch

Phoebe Deutsch is an Oakland based ceramic artist. Her work reflects a vision of what she calls "alluring speculation" that explores life in its transitional states....

038. ShinobiJaxx

An Oakland native, performer and educator and student. Teaching wellness to youth through dance, nutrition and wellness education. Co-Founder of the all female dance...

039. Gina Telcocci

My art is made from modest earthy & found materials; many are scavenged cast-offs - natural & otherwise. Acted on by time & the world, their surfaces reveal...

040. Adia Millett

Adia is a mixed media artist here working on hand stitching textile pieces made from repurposed fabric. 

041. JJ Harris

JJ Harris is the founder of Techboogie Media - a media firm focused on the creation of positive imagery featuring people of color and the underrepresented

042. Rachel Sager

Rachel Sager is an oil painter living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received a BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia after studying at Lorenzo de’...

043. Brown Eyez

 Liliana Herrera was born in Sonora, Mexico, but grew up in oakland. Herrera currently works as an after school art teacher at a dual emerging elementary and middle...

044. Brian Enright

His work is all about recharging connection with our communities and the natural world. I create pieces of value & hope for individuals, communities, future generations and...

045. Ari Takata-Vasquez

Ari Takata-Vasquez is a multidisciplinary artist and creator living and working in Oakalnd, California. Ari draws inspiration from architecture, the built environment, natural...

046. Bebe Hendrix

I am an Oakland bred lyricist who pulls inspiration from all musical genres, past and present, in hopes of creating timeless, feel good music that can be enjoyed by the masses. I...

047. Natalie Anciso

Natalia Anciso is a Chicana-Tejana Contemporary Artist and Educator. Her work covers topics ranging from Identity & struggles living along the US-Mexico Border to issues...

048. Rachel-Anne Palacios

She is now sharing her cultural arts education programming with libraries throughout the Bay Area and is the Co-Chair of the Cultural Arts Committee...

049. Hellafutures

Afrofuturism and Oakland culture guide me creatively. I'm here to represent us and to make cool POC look cooler. I am an artist, an educator and most of all I love the town!

050. Katie Revilla

Katie Revilla is a sculptor and installation artist with a focus in textiles. Her work addresses the relationship between bodies and how structures conceptualize ideas of holding,...

051. Piwai

Piwai is a world music, roots and afrojazz, vocalist, percussionist and mbira (thumb piano) artist. Her music is a reflection of the world, from the rhythms to the languages...

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