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Leveraging Oakland’s Visitor Economy

Travel and tourism are adjusting with the changing times, and destinations are focused more than ever on supporting their local economy in addition to welcoming curious visitors. 

The L.O.V.E. (Leveraging Oakland's Visitor Economy) program prioritizes contributing to Oakland's local community and economy as a staple of equitable tourism. Small businesses, community organizations, and non-profits make up the fabric of our city, drive art and culture in our city, and inspire travelers to visit our city. We welcome visitors to be inspired when you visit Oakland, and in turn, feel motivated to give back.

How it Works

L.O.V.E. offers opportunities to engage with local organizations by doing activities, either with a group you're traveling with, or solo during your stay. Many activities are centered around affordable housing, arts and culture, city beautification, education, environment, health, homelessness, LGBTQ+, race and equity, re-entry for the formerly incarcerated, and women. Therefore, your contributions go directly to supporting our community. 

We invite you to L.O.V.E. Oakland. 

Choose Your Way to L.O.V.E. Oakland

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Criteria for Participating Organizations

Activities should provide visitors with experiences that will positively impact Oakland’s community:

  • Participants need to have direct involvement with the community 
  • Activities must be an act of service or include as component (painting a mural, street clean up, food distribution, graffiti removal)
  • Activities must fall within the categories of the program (homelessness, youth, beautification, etc.)  
  • Organizations should focus on Oakland and either be city-based, or county-based with an Oakland location

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How Oakland Rebuilds

The Town is centered around community. Read more about the different ways our folks have banded together to make a difference. 

Are you a volunteer or organization wanting to get involved but still have questions?

Visit Oakland is the liaison that connects incoming travelers (leisure, business, group) with Oakland non-profits and activities. Visit Oakland will not be held accountable for activity experiences and will not accept any payments on behalf of travelers.