The Trappist

The Trappist


The Trappist is is owned and operated by Aaron Porter and Chuck Stilphen. We strive to bring you the finest beer available, served properly at the correct temperature and in the correct glass by a knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Our bottle list features a rotating stock of approximately 100 Belgian, Dutch, Scandinavian and American craft brews. We have 28 rotating taps which feature Belgian, local (California), and several specialty micro brews from the US. You won't find any big corporate brews here, just the finest artisan beers. Chef Michael O'Brien's menu is prepared in our tiny kitchen with local, seasonal products and an eye toward beer friendliness.


$20 Lunch and Dinner 

Beef and lamb Shepard's Pie with a side of mixed greens and a pre selected bottle or draft beer pairing.

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