Tay Ho Vietnamese Cuisine*

Tay Ho Vietnamese Cuisine*


Featuring regional Vietnamese dishes such as Bun Cha Hanoi (Hanoi Trio of Pork), Hanoi Turmeric Fish with Dill (Cha Ca La Vong) and the Crispy Crepe (Banh Xeo) to name a few. All of Tay Ho’s dishes display exquisite flavors of traditional Vietnamese cooking but display the “happy marriage” of the California and Bay Area influence on this already exceptional cuisine.

Oakland Retaurant Week Menu $30 Dinner
Green Papaya Salad: Green papaya tossed w/sweet chili fish sauce “nước mắ m”, poached shrimp, fresh herbs & peanuts
Hoi An Crispy Wontons - Sủi Cảo Chiên: Pork and shrimp wonton served with sweet & sour sauce

Caramelized Braised Pork & Eggs: Caramelized pork belly & eggs braised in sweet coconut juice & savory sauce- served with “dưa giá” pickled bean sprouts, chives, carrots, onions and french bread.
Bún Turmeric Fish “La-Vong” - Bún Chã Cá “Lã Vọng” - Alabama catfish, scallions oil & dill, served w/rice vermicelli, peanuts, mint, cilantro, spicy pineapple anchovy sauce “mắm nêm”.
Fried Banana & Ice Cream - Chuố i Chiên & Kem
Vietnamese Affogato - Kem & Cafe (French Vanilla topped w/Vietnamese Drip Coffee)
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