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  • Address: 5421 College Ave. Oakland, CA 94618
  • Neighborhood: Rockridge
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“Soi” is a Thai word for side streets or alley ways which, together, form the essential life line that makes up the fabric of Bangkok city. Like the city, our menu is a reflection of our love for good food from the streets to the highest echelon of traditional Thai kitchen. …inspired, influenced, accented, tinged, anything but ‘fusion’...


$30 Dinner

Small Plates (choose one of following)

Lao Fried Pork Spring Rolls Served With Rice Vermicelli and Fresh Vegetables 

Gluten-free Green Papaya ‘ Padthai’ With Egg, Nuts, Tofu, Beansprouts, And Chives 

Main Plates (choose one of following)

Pan-roasted Skate Wing Served With Rice Noodle, Fresh Herbs, and Wild Ginger Curry Sauce 

Stewed Oxtails Served With Carrots And Potatoes in Peanut ‘Mussamun’ Curry 

Sweet Plates (choose one of following)

Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich With Sticky Rice, Palm Seed, Jack Fruit, & Condensed Milk

Tapioca Rubies of Water Chestnuts & Sweet Mango in Coconut Milk 

(thirty dollars per person)items above are only offered as 3 course prefix

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