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  • Address: 5421 College Ave. Oakland, CA 94618
  • Neighborhood: Rockridge
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“Soi” is a Thai word for side streets or alley ways which, together, form the essential life line that makes up the fabric of Bangkok city. Like the city, our menu is a reflection of our love for good food from the streets to the highest echelon of traditional Thai kitchen. …inspired, influenced, accented, tinged, anything but ‘fusion’...



Small Plates

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Thai spiced duck ‘larb’ served with chilled endives


Pan-fried chive cakes with Sriracha & sweetened soy sauce


 Main Plates

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Crisped catfish ‘bone-in’ tossed in spiced kaffir red curry sauce


Stewed five spice pork hock served with pickled mustard leaves, egg, and garlic-chili vinaigrette


Sweet Plates

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Warm pumpkin custard served with young coconut ice cream


Tapioca Rubies of Water Chestnuts & Sweet Mango in Coconut Milk

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