Millennium Restaurant

Millennium Restaurant


Millennium’s cuisine is influenced by the flavors and styles of many cultures. We are dedicated to the essential earthly concepts of organic food production, including sustainable agriculture, supporting small local farms, as well as composting & recycling. We cook with only the freshest, organically grown produce and are proud to state that our restaurant is completely free of genetically modified foods. We believe that a gourmet dining experience can be created out of vegan, healthy, and environmentally friendly foods. Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing a deliciously memorable dining experience for every guest who walks through our doors.

Oakland Restaurant Week Menu

$40 Dinner
1st course, choice of:
Soup Of The Moment ($7.95)
Little Gem Salad poppyseed & mustard seed buttermilk ranch, crisped capers, smoked tofu (12.95)
2nd course, choice of:
Purple Ube Cake red miso coconut curry glazed tofu, seared baby turnips, bok choy & cauliflower with fermented black bean & ginger, sweet & spicy Asian pear sambal, chrysanthemum greens
Carrot Farro Risotto seared baby artichoke, chicory, roasted broccoli romanesco, gigante beans, pickled meyer lemon, shallot & chile relish, cashew cream, green garlic-herb oil, toasted pine nuts
Seared Chestnut Polenta Cake sautéed maitake, oyster & chanterelle mushrooms, garlic & shallot confit, roasted baby carrot & sunchoke, red wine beet reduction, wild rice & black lentil salad, black olive-truffle vinaigrette
3rd course, choice of:
Warm Apple Cobbler thyme pâte sucrée crust, spiced apple compote, vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce, caramel corn, apple chip
Brownie kale mint chip ice cream, chocolate sauce, creme de menthe pastry cream, thin mint cookie
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