Daughter Thai

Daughter Thai


At Daughter Thai we present the food as the art, providing beautiful and warming atmosphere that fills the lively space. Combining the lovely colors, wooden tables , with a touch of golden  Rakhangs (bell) along with handcrafted sewing machine communal table. It is all about the spice. The spice extends life, and we strive to provide the freshest pure ingredients in everything we serve, from our Thai street food to our fancier entrees. “We believe that Southern Thai cuisine will never die. We believe the spiciness will last long, forever.”   Recipes past down from generation after generations . We invite you to come and be transported to the streets of Thailand. 


LUNCH PREFIXED $20/person not including tax and gratuity


Tom Yum Veggie Spicy and sour soup, mushroom, tomato, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, cilantro and green onion

 STARTERS (Please Choose One)

Vegan Fresh Rolls Fresh rice paper roll, tofu, mixed green, bean sprouts and Vermicelli noodle. Chili peanut sauce 

Samosa Red Norland potato, caramelized onion, carrot wrapped in pastry skin Served with coconut curry sauce

Thai Fish Cake  White fish paste with red curry, kaffir lime, green bean served with cucumber peanut chilies sauce

“Sai Oua” Southern Thai Sausage Delicious grilled Pork sausage, fine herbs & spices, curry paste

Cucumber Salad English cucumber, spring mix, red onion, sweet chili vinaigrette

ENTRÉE (Please Choose One)

Choice of Veg/ Tofu/ Chicken/ Pork

  Beef +1       House Crispy Pork Belly +4      Prawns +4

                   Comes with Jasmine Rice

Pad Ka Pow Thai basil, garlic, fresh chili

Pad Khua King Sautéed spicy dry curry paste, kaffir lime, lemongrass, string beans, bell pepper

Pad Black Pepper Garlic Sweet onion, green onion, cilantro

Yellow Curry; potato, onion and crispy shallot                

Pumpkin Curry; Southern Thai Style – Spicy & Pepper Kabocha, turmeric, bell pepper        

Pad Thai “Chai Ya”  Thin rice noodles, cage free egg, coconut milk,& tamarind bean sprouts, chives, peanuts

Pad See You  Flat rice noodles, cage free egg, carrot, broccoli




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