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Anchored by the fourth largest container seaport in the United States, West Oakland has a strong industrial history. Many of its older homes were built in World Wars I and II. Some home-buyers choose to buy older Victorians and renovate them from the inside out. Others prefer to move into lofts converted from old warehouses. The old and the new coexist, as do artists, young professionals and working families.

West Oakland is easily accessible by public transportation including BART and buses. If you are an urban pioneer who is looking to buy somewhere before it really booms, look into West Oakland.


For a 3-Bedroom Home

  • $653,500 Median Price
  • 57% Year-Over-Year Appreciation
  • 12% Average % Over/Under Asking $
  • 15 Average Days on Market
  • 1,607 Average Square Footage


Cypress Grocery McClymonds High [9-12]
Mandela Foods Cooperative Ralph J. Bunche High [9-12]
Quality Fine Foods Pentecostal Way of Truth Academy [K-12]
  Civicorps Corpsmember Academy [K-9]
PARKS KIPP Bridge Charter School [5-8]
Bart Park West Oakland Middle School [6-8]
DeFremery Playground Preparatory Literary Academy of Cultural Excellence [K-5]
Lowell Park Lafayette Elementary Academy of Cultural Excellence [K-5]
Marston Campbell Park Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary [K-5]
Raimondi Park Vincent Academy [K-5]
Wade Johnson Park & Playground  

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