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Welcome to Oakland, California

Visitors are often surprised by the wide variety of neighborhoods found in Oakland. Hipsters and hip hop, passionate activists and grassroots entrepreneurs, from forested hills with stunning views to flatlands that offer an awesome array of cultures and experiences—it takes time to peel back all of the layers that make up the city. We collaborated with Red Oak Realty to highlight 15 of Oakland's most popular neighborhoods. We hope you find your new home here. Click here to download our neighborhood overview document, or check out full neighborhood listings below.

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Oakland's Neighborhoods

Rockridge Icon 

At the foot of the Oakland Hills, Rockridge is a lovely burby-like haven. And with a BART station, Casual Carpool and Transbay Bus stops to downtown San Francisco, it's one of the most desired neighborhoods in the East Bay. Read more.

Temescal Icon

Temescal began as its own little village, eventually merging withe Oakland. While it is now one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, it is by no means stagnant; the community is enjoying a residential and business revival. Read more.


Piedmont Avenue Icon

Piedmont Avenue is center state to one of the Bay Area's more diverse neighborhoods. It is a unique main street evocative of a different era, with independent stores sitting side-by-side with great restaurants. Read more.

North Oakland Icon

North Oakland is one of the choice up-and-coming neighborhoods int he East Bay. It has become a much-desired destination, particularly for those who move from San Francisco. The housing mix is varied, from historic bungalows to brand new and modern homes. Read more.

West Oakland Icon

Anchored by the fourth largest container seaport in the United States, West Oakland has a strong industrial history. Many of its older homes were built in World War I and II. Some home-buyers choose to buy older Victorians and renovate them from the inside out. Others prefer to move into lofts converted from old warehouses. Read more.

Jack London Icon

The neighborhoods of Jack London Square, Uptown, Downtown and Old Oakland are primarily commercial, with a vibrant restaurant scene, nightlife, and growing business community. However, there are residences here, too. Read more.

Lake Merritt Icon

Lake Merritt is widely considered the Crown Jewel of Oakland, especially since a $122 million renovation was completed in 2013. The lake is surrounded by many interesting neighborhoods, each of which has its own unique flavor. No matter which neighborhood you choose, all benefit from easy access to Lake Merritt, one of Oakland's greatest and most beautiful treasures. Read more.

Crocker Highlands

The charming communities of Crocker Highlands and  Trestle Glen are ideal for those who love the cozy comfort of traditional architecture and mature gardens. This woodsy glen has been described as a "Father Knows Best" neighborhood of the 21st century. One of Oakland's top elementary schools is based here as well. Read more.

Glenview Oakmore Icon

Glenview and Oakmore are two adjacent neighborhoods nestled in the lower Oakland Hills. The close-knit community of Glenview is one of the treasures of the East Bay. On its long list of assets are old fashioned mom and pop shops, grassy parks, and tree-lined streets. Oakmore, with a small market, a few restaurants and businesses makes for a sweet community. Read more.

Northern Hills Icon

Nestled amongst the pine trees in the upper Oakland hills, the friendly neighborhoods of Montclair, Merriewood, and Piedmont Pines maintain a refreshing and laid-back mountain atmosphere reminiscent of Mill Valley in Marin County. Read more.

Southern Oakland Hills

When you visit the neighborhoods of the Southern Oakland Hills, you'll ask, "Is this Oakland?" South of Montclair, running along the Oakland Hills, these laid-back neighborhoods back up against fabulous recreational destinations like Redwood Regional Park and Jaoquin Miller Park. Read more.

Maxwell Park & Allendale Icon

Maxwell Park and the adjacent neighborhood of Allendale are quiet and friendly. With small winding streets nestled in the leafy Oakland foothills, they offer a bucolic bungalow lifestyle. Residents here can do their shopping in nearby Laurel District, San Leandro, Montclair or the Grand Lake area. Read more.

Redwood Heights in Oakland

Oakland's scenic neighborhood of Redwood Heights combines the best aspects of a suburban bedroom community with the convenience and variety of a major metropolitan area. While the styles vary from contemporary to classic, many of the homes share stunning day and nighttime views of the sparkling San Francisco Bay. Read more.

Dimond & Laurel Districts

Centered along MacArthur Boulevard you'll find the Dimond District and the adjacent Laurel District. The Dimond is a friendly and well-organized community that has attracted many businesses to its commercial district. The Laurel is a bright neighborhood with a vibrant and diverse population. Read more.

Fruitvale Icon

Fruitvale is a vibrant neighborhood that is filled with diverse cultures and cuisines. Centered around International Boulevard, residents of Fruitvale will find superb Latin American food, especially from its highly regarded and numerous taco trucks. A particularly great time to visit this lively community is during prominent events like Cinco de Mayo, when both residents and visitors gather to celebrate. Read more.

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