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Things Change

OAKLAND, CA: Ever wondered what it’s like to be an amoeba? A tropical plant? A cockroach? Classic Cars West is pleased to announce our opening exhibition for 2018. Things Change is a collection of stop motion videos and large-scale sculpture works by Oakland artist Lauren Corden from 2014-present.

Corden’s papier mâché and exaggerated soft-sculptures will create an immersive make-believe environment, while her stop-motion video work reveals detailed and humorous views of the unseen processes of daily life.

With a blend of scientific observation and synthetic creativity, household objects take on a new life beyond their conventional uses. Fridge scraps and collected junk play out the roles of decomposition, and loose yarn becomes duplicating chromosomes.

In her video works, the comfortable distance of a camera lens will allow the viewer to explore some of the subtle horrors of the familiar as it becomes the unfamiliar. Corden’s larger-than-life sculptures are drawn from these video works, and will transform the gallery space into a fantastic escape from reality. However, this escape is into the infra-real, where shifts in scale and perspective renew our fascination with what surrounds us.

About the Artist: Lauren Corden grew up in San Diego and moved to the Bay Area in 2005 to study Biology at UC Berkeley. Since graduating, Corden has continued to pursue her interest in the biological world while incorporating it into her artistic practices. Her work explores both the enticing and repulsive sides of the unknown through the use of stop motion video, oversized papier mâché, large soft-sculpture, and costumes.

Location Information:
411 26th St., Oakland CA 94612
Hours: Wed-Thurs 12-9, Sat 11-10, Sun 11-3

Times: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Cost: free
Classic Cars West
411 26th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
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