'Sky, Mountain & Waterscape' Opening Reception Exhibition Kam Cheung Mok

'Sky, Mountain & Waterscape' Opening Reception Exhibition Kam Cheung Mok


The opening reception with artist Kam Cheung Mok is on July 6 at 6pm, but his paintings will be on exhibit from 6/30 to 8/30 at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

About the Exhibition

Sky, Mountain & Waterscape’ is a painting series consisting of twenty-five contemporary Chinese ink wash landscape paintings, documenting memorable natural landscapes around the world. Terrains, rivers, waterfalls, and skies vary in color and mood, transporting the viewer to different seasons and geographic locations.

About the Artist

Kam Cheung Mok, born in 1945, has exhibited and documented his work in Hong Kong and mainland China. In 2016, his body of work was published in the "Six Contemporary Chinese Painters" collection by the Beijing Ministry of Culture, organized by the Chinese Artist Association, Chinese Collectors Association, and China Literature and Art foundation. In 2017, his book "Mok Kam Cheung Chinese Painting Collection" was published by Jiangxi Fine Art Publishing House.

Event Info

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