Salesforce Saturday

Salesforce Saturday


Hello there, if you are new to Salesforce and want to know more about it or even railhead, to earn badges to add to your LinkedIn Profile, come out and gain another feather on your transferable skills.
Additionally, we are calling out to all Oakland Salesforce consultants, admins, developers, users and anyone that wants to learn more about Salesforce! Salesforce Saturday is now in Oakland. We are also honored to have a special guest speaker.
Think of this as some time away from work for you to learn about a specific topic based on attendees input, and to work on whatever project you want to. Looking for a place to collaborate with others or study for a certification? How about some dedicated time to spend on earning your trailhead badges?
Light brunch will be served.
Guest Speaker: Leah McGowen-Hare, Director, Trailhead T&P, Developer Evangelist at Salesforce

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