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Reflections 2: The Creative Process

Reflections 2: The Creative Process


Reflections 2: The Creative Process is a collaboration between James Gayles and twenty-four professionals writing about their approaches to creativity. James achieves visual drama by seeing how different colors and shapes relate to one another and the importance of tonal values and contrast to achieve an emotional effect for the viewer.

Official Reflections 2 Book Launch!
November 14th 6-9pm
Featured poets reader excerpt from book/autograph signing.

Artist Talk with James Gayles & Pochino Press.
December 6th 6-9pm
Moderated by Curator, Eric Murphy.

A Holiday Dinner with Roux
December 14th 6-8pm
*See website for more details

Closing reception
February 7, 2020 - 6-9pm

"The two paintings that form the center of this book / exhibit are Stop the Killing and Not Just a Number. They are the heart because pain is often what drives us to create. The alternative might be to subside, let the tide take us, let the moon crack, let the sky fall. An impulse inside pushes us to create. Through that process, through the sharing that happens naturally when a piece is finished, healing begins. Creativity is transformation.

Creativity is not just about the lone artist. Those who came before us and those who come after us, shape what we do. Intentional or not, creative work has meaning because of others. We might deliberately create for them or we might simply do what we do, unaware of what seeds we have planted or what seeds were planted inside us. Thus, Ancestors #5 and Father, Brother Son begin the collection, while Ethiopian Child and Ancestors #2 bring up the end.

Creativity is also about celebration. In between the beginning and center of the book/exhibit are inspirational figures from different backgrounds. In between the center and the end are inspirational jazz and blues musicians.

We hope this book/exhibit is like small talk, providing words and images you can come to any time to feel a kinship born of simple moments, born from deep connection." - from book introduction by Monica Zarazua

Event Info

  • Dates: 12/6/2019, 12/14/2019, 2/7/2020
  • Location: Oakstop
  • Address: 1721 Broadway,
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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