Puff, Pass, and Pastry

Puff, Pass, and Pastry


Oakland’s 2 ½ hour baking and cooking with cannabis class is led by one of our superb company chefs. Smoke a legal joint (or two) while on this one of a kind culinary journey in the San Francisco Bay Area as Chef details several ways to infuse cannabis into your food. Pass the bong along as you learn the details of edibles dosing. Whether you are an experienced Chef or you’re the kind of person that burns soup, we are going to show you how in to successfully Puff, Pass and enjoy baking some pastries! Worked up an appetite? Never fear, you won’t need to bring your own snacks to this class!

Guests of the early sessions will indulge in a light brunch alongside instruction on how to infuse mimosas, while guests of the evening classes will be provided snacks and a glass of wine, on us. Great for adding a little spark of creativity! Classes are held every Sunday from 11:30 am - 2:00 pm, see attached link to book tickets!

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