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Oakland’s Magic Kitchen at Children’s Fairyland

Oakland’s Magic Kitchen at Children’s Fairyland

  • 699 Bellevue, Oakland, CA 94610
  • Neighborhood: Lake Merritt


A series of culinary experiences that sparks children’s eagerness to help in the kitchen hosted by Fairyland’s new puppet mascot, Quercus, and local Guest Chefs!

Children’s Fairyland partners with Visit Oakland to invite the culinary curious for a very new event series, Oakland’s Magic Kitchen! Hosted by Quercus (kwur-kuhs), Fairyland’s brand-new puppet mascot, and a Guest Chef from Oakland’s culinary world, each event engages the audience in playful kitchen antics and demystifies the basics of cooking. Event attendees will watch in awe while the Guest Chef demonstrates the steps of a recipe, everything from preparing the ingredients and the tools they use to food facts and kitchen rules. Quercus, the ever-inquisitive Puppet, will ask the audience and Guest Chef questions to discover how it all works together to make a delectable, nutritious treat or meal. Good food is for everyone, and we hope to promote health, well-being, and the love of food for the next generation of Oaklanders.

Quercus, Fairyland's fairy-special puppet mascot, makes their debut at the first event of this series, making September 16 an auspicious, delicious day! Be the first to meet and greet and eat!

It’s a Saturday service! Catch all three events at 11:30 a.m. at Aesop’s Playhouse.

September 16: Chef Tamearra Dyson, Souley Vegan (*Oakland Vegan Trail Restaurant!)
October 7: Chef Imani Greer, Roasted + Raw (*Oakland Vegan Trail Restaurant!)
November 11: Chef Mica Talmor, Pomella

What’s the Oakland Vegan Trail?

Visit Oakland launches the Oakland Vegan Trail, an online gastronomic guide that boasts 20+ plant-based restaurants found in The Town. With culinary hot spots serving up delicious globally inspired vegan cuisine from American to Chinese to Ethiopian, Filipino, Mexican, Thai and so much more, visitors can taste their way around the world – all while staying in Oakland. There’s even vegan coffee, donuts, and ice cream!

Often referred to as the “Brooklyn by the Bay,” Oakland has an abundance to offer visitors, particularly when it comes to food – specifically, plant-based food. Visit Oakland has carved out a culinary experience that caters to vegans. The trail showcases the city’s lively vegan food scene while highlighting local vegan gems ranging from family-owned eateries, to popups, to startups, to those recognized by the highly regarded Michelin Guide.

The Oakland Vegan Trail includes an overview of each restaurant, with menu highlights, location, and contact information. A detailed map directs visitors to the array of vegan restaurants scattered throughout Oakland’s vibrant neighborhoods. The online guide also includes a hearty sidebar that lists Oakland’s Vegetarian restaurants.

Chef Tamearra Dyson of Souley Vegan and Chef Imani Greer of Roasted + Raw are featured on the Oakland Vegan Trail. Check out the more than 20 vegan restaurants on the map: visitoakland.com/restaurants/oakland-vegan-trail/

Event Info

  • Dates: 10/7/2023, 11/11/2023
  • Location: Children's Fairyland
  • Address: 699 Bellevue, Oakland, CA 94610
  • Time: 11:30 AM
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