New Exhibition: Time Machine

New Exhibition: Time Machine

  • 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94607
  • Neighborhood: City Center


In the exhibition Time Machine, artist Lauren Marie Taylor surveys connections between astronomy, mining, and human rights, especially after the fall of the first democratically elected socialist state in the Americas in Chile in the 1970s. These topics are interwoven by historical accounts and narratives, which, gathered by the artist, serve as the raw material for the exhibition.
Mining constitutes an extractive process where the earth is violently forced to give up its resources at human will. This process has enabled the empires of old and the nations of today and is at the forefront of recent space exploration efforts, where wealthy countries currently look to fuel the human projects of tomorrow.

The exhibition places evidence of past historical events, recent documentation, and multimedia artworks in a futuristic sci-fi environment to prompt interrogation of our present moment.

Are there similarities between yesterday and today? What are the main distinctions between them? Can we learn from history, or are we doomed to both deal with and suffer the cyclic savageries of politicians and economists and the brutalities of power? These are all questions that captivate the collective imagination, and writers, some of whom place these questions at the heart of so many speculative fictions stories, a modern literary and film genre that informs contemporary art practices like that of artist Lauren Marie Taylor.

The works in the Time Machine exhibition includes photography, drawing, sculpture, video, and virtual reality, combined in a dramatic installation to engage audiences in the deliberate manipulation of time and space.

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