Matthew Fisher | Into The Blue

Matthew Fisher | Into The Blue


Johansson Projects presents Into the Blue, a solo show by Matthew F Fisher.
Part moony Florida evenings, part castaway, part neo-pastel, part noir,
part performative water works, part astro-physic - all of Fisher's paintings
approach the perfect through the imperfect. There's a level of completeness,
of polish, of finish to each painting, while still basking in the hand drawn.
The quivering stillness of a strait line amplifies the unseen human energy.

These are images of a moment, maybe several, that have happened or will.
They're not magical or surreal or overtly spiritual. Rather they are
once-in-a-life-time action frozen at just the right instant: everything aligns,
everything you've ever done has lead up to right now, right here.

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