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Leymusoom Voyage

Leymusoom Voyage


Join Mills Art+Process+Ideas artist-in-residence Heesoo Kwon on a voyage across her artistic collaborators and communities.

Korean drumming group 끼리 끼리 (Kkiri Kkiri) opens the event, which also includes performances from non-binary Korean artist collective, Dong-Ji Collective; artist and experimental musician Breno Aragon; and composer and Mills Music MFA alum Julie Moon. Enjoy an artist talk from Kwon, along with collaborators Karen Cheung, SFMOMA Curatorial Assistant, Media Arts, and Leymusoom Bible publisher Vivian Sming of Sming Sming Books.

Heesoo Kwon is a multidisciplinary artist from South Korea currently in the Bay Area. Positioning herself as an artist, activist, archivist, anthropologist, and religious figure, Kwon builds feminist utopias in the digital realm that liberate one from personal, familial, and historical trauma rooted in patriarchy. Central to her practice and substantial bodies of work is Leymusoom, an autobiographical feminist religion she initiated in 2017 as a form of personal resistance against misogyny and an ever-evolving framework for investigating her family histories. Kwon utilizes technologies such as digital archiving, 3D scanning, and animation as her ritualistic and shamanistic tools to regenerate her woman ancestors’ lives without constraints of time and space, and to queer her past, present, and utopian dreams. Kwon earned an MFA from the University of California, Berkeley, and is Assistant Professor in the animation department at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

Important info for entering the campus:

When arriving to the Mills College at Northeastern University, attendees will be asked to present a government issued ID at the gate. Government Issued ID includes state or provincial Driver’s License or Identification Card, Passport or Passport Card, Military ID Card, or Permanent Residence Card.

Parking is permitted in any “Commuter Parking” space.

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